Ice hotel

Ice hotels make for interesting holiday destinations. Image via Pixabay

Get the chills at the world’s coolest ice hotels

Ice hotels have fast become a popular choice for a unique and ‘out-of-this-world’ experience.

Ice hotel

Ice hotels make for interesting holiday destinations. Image via Pixabay

Ice hotels are magnificent structures created entirely from packed snow and ice, adorned with awe-inspiring ‘meltable’ art in the form of ice carvings and snow sculptures, and boasting luxury amenities akin to any of the top hotels in the world.

While they may be chilly, what these fantastic hotels lack in warmth, they certainly make up for in amenities and services — from ice-moulded cocktail glasses to crackling fireplaces, steamy saunas, and reindeer-fueled sled rides.

The world’s coolest ice hotels


Where: Saariselka, Finland

This famous igloo village features both glass and snow igloos, which offer guests incredible views of the northern lights or a tranquil escape from the outside world, respectively.

Visitors can try their hand at ice sculpting, admire some of the magnificent works in the ice hotel sculpture gallery or enjoy a truly Nordic reindeer-drawn sled ride.


Where: Balea Lac, Romania

Tucked away in a remote mountain valley in the Romanian mountains and built on the surface of a frozen glacial lake, the Hotel of Ice offers the ultimate snow escape.

The hotel offers standard sub-zero rooms and “luxurious” private igloos close by where flickering fires warm cold hands and traditional Transylvanian and Romanian cuisine is served at the Chalet Balea Lac’s restaurant.

Enjoy a variety of winter activities during your stay, from ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding to ice bowling and snowman-building competitions.


Where: Slovenia

This cozy little Eskimo village promises a wintery escape for anyone looking for somewhere remote and truly off the beaten path.

The village is reached by a cable car ride up the mountain followed by a snowshoe hike, and on arrival, offers an array of fun things to see and do from snowmobiling and sledding to snow tubing.

Spend evenings enjoying delicious Slovenian fare in the ice hotel restaurant and sipping drinks at the igloo bar before climbing into your sheepskin-covered snow-block bed.

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Where: Montreal, Canada

Montreal’s Snow Village has something for everyone from fine dining on ice tables and spectacular fireworks shows to DJ nights at the Ice Bar and movies in the heated “Ice-Breaker” dome theatre.

Guests stay in standard ice suites or private polar igloos and adults can sip cocktails in the spa under the stars, while the kids enjoy the ice slide and snowball fights.

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