You may not leave Gauteng, but

Trips outside of the country’s borders are not banned . Image: Adobe Stock

You may not leave Gauteng, but you can leave the country…

Adjusted Level 4 lockdown travel restrictions to curb the surge of COVID-19 infections, does not stop South Africans from travelling to destinations outside of the country.

You may not leave Gauteng, but

Trips outside of the country’s borders are not banned . Image: Adobe Stock

Many South Africans are feeling that their wings have been clipped by the latest lockdown restrictions. Fear not, international trips are still possible to destinations that are currently open to South African nationals.


Residents from Gauteng are not permitted to make recreational trips to other parts of South Africa at this time. Conversely, neither may residents from other provinces travel to Gauteng.  

The ban excludes those who must travel for business purposes, to attend funerals or to take care of family members in other parts of the country. Travel permits are required for such movements.


The Association of South African Travel Agents has said that international and regional travel outside of the country’s borders is not affected by the updated Level 4 restrictions. This is good news for landlocked Gauteng residents whose wings have been clipped.

“Yes, you can travel internationally. All COVID-19 protocols will need to be observed and a negative COVID-19 test (not older than 72 hours) will need to be presented upon your return to South Africa.” ASATA said, as quoted in TravelNews.


If this is all getting too much and a well-deserved break is in need, there is hope. Travelling outside of the country’s borders is not banned. So long as one travels to destinations which have not banned South Africans, there are options.

A mid-winter getaway to islands in the Mozambican archipelago, Victoria Falls, the spice island of Zanzibar or the Maldives are some of the preferred getaway destinations that South Africans may still travel to at this stage. 

Those who are eager to jump the vaccination queue in South Africa might also be interested in jetting into Harare (Zimbabwe), for an express vacination appointment.