Four handy tips on road trippi

Four handy tips on road tripping around Europe

Road tripping is not for everybody, so here are some tips if you’re considering hitting the road this summer.

Four handy tips on road trippi

DUInsure decided to find out about campervan holidays, road tripping and the ideal route around Europe.

Choose the perfect road tripping vehicle

To start with, choose a good vehicle. Whether you would prefer to take your own car or to hire a car, do not underestimate the importance of comfort as you will spend a lot of time in it. Also remember if you do hire a car abroad, it can sometimes cost you extra to return it in a different country so double check before you decide.

Decide where to go

There are so many fantastic countries and places to visit across Europe that it’s hard to pick a specific route. Our suggestion is to either pick a country and explore as much of it as you can or to fit as many different cultures in as possible by crossing as many borders as you can.

There are the more mainstream road tripping options such as France if you’re a wine and cheese fan; Belgium if you like beer and chocolate; Italy or Greece if you like history or Spain if you want to hit some beaches.

We’re also big fans of Eastern Europe, home to increasingly popular cities such as Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Bratislava, Tallinn and more.

A popular road trip route is to start in Bucharest and head through the Carpathian Mountains to Transylvania to squeeze in as many castles as you can. From there, head to Budapest for a relaxing baths experience, then on to Bratislava before finishing off in beautiful Vienna.

Alternatively, if you fancy a mixture of east and west plus some lovely beaches, start in Venice (or anywhere in the east of Italy) and follow the coast of the Adriatic Sea round through Slovenia, down the cliff roads of Croatia to Split. Another option for ancient history fans is to drive through Italy and hop on the ferry over to Greece for a road trip back in time.

Don’t be too organised

Okay, organised is one thing, but inflexible is another. Don’t be so organised that you miss out on something just because it’s not on your original road tripping itinerary. Leave yourself open to discover new places and you will never be disappointed.

Pack cleverly, bring music and meet the locals

Pack lightly so that there’s space to bring back some keepsakes to remind you of your travels. Plan your music playlist, though, as good music will help make your trip even more awesome! And most important, be open to making new friends as locals know their areas best and you might just make some friends for life along the way.