World-class: SA makes Travel T

African penguins on the Boulders beach, Simons town. Image: GettyImages

World-class: SA makes Travel TikTok’s most-watched countries list

With its picturesque mountains, forests, deserts and coastlines, it is no surprise that South Africa is among the top trending travel destinations on Travel TikTok.

World-class: SA makes Travel T

African penguins on the Boulders beach, Simons town. Image: GettyImages

It looks like sunny South Africa is still one of the world’s most sought after locations when it comes to travelling. Now, while many consider TikTok to be the go-to app for makeup tips, viral photo challenges and cleaning hacks, it’s also becoming a den for travel inspo amid the ongoing global pandemic.

With 49.9 billion views of ‘#travel’ on TikTok alone, the video-sharing app is fast becoming the go-to place to research and plan an epic trip – from staycations to far-flung adventures.  

South Africa | Most-watched countries on travel TikTok

According to Refinery and Travel Daily News, a new study from Superdry, revealed that the most-watched country on travel TikTok is Japan with 461.2 million views – that’s over 200 million more than Russia, which is second with 246.6 million views. Mexico is third with 215.3 million views.

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Meanwhile, South Africa – with its amazing weather, beaches and all-around touristy things to do – came in at number 20 with 40 million views.  

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You can see the list of the top 10 most-watched countries on travel TikTok below:

  1. Japan, Asia – 461.2 million views
  2. Russia, Europe – 246.6 million views
  3. Mexico, North America – 215.3 million views
  4. United States of America, North America – 146.3 million views
  5. China, Asia – 110.1 million views
  6. Vietnam, Asia – 107 million views
  7. Italy, Europe – 105.6 million views
  8. Thailand, Asia – 95.1 million views
  9. Scotland, Europe – 57.7 million views
  10. Colombia, South America – 55.8 million views
  11. Australia, Oceania – 51.6 million views 
  12. Nepal, Asia – 49.2 million views 
  13. India, Asia – 47.6 million views 
  14. Indonesia, Asia – 45.4 million views 
  15. Bolivia, South America – 41.7 million views 
  16. Peru, South America – 41 million views 
  17. South Africa, Africa – 40 million views 
  18. Greece, Europe – 37.8 million views 
  19. Turkey, Europe – 37.6 million views 
  20. Philippines, Asia – 36.5 million views 
  21. Brazil, South America – 34.4 million views 
  22. Canada, North America – 33.8 million views 
  23. Norway, Europe – 32 million views 
  24. Malaysia, Asia – 27.6 million views 
  25. Romania, Europe – 27.3 million views

25 Most-Watched Cities on Travel TikTok 

The most-watched city on travel TikTok is New York with a massive 114 million views.

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Seoul is close behind with 106.5 million views, followed by Dubai with 62.7 million views. With 10.4 million views, London ranks 11th on the list, which Superdry compiled by analysing #travel and various related hashtags on TikTok. Check out the top ten most-watched cities on travel TikTok below.

  1. New York, USA – 114 million views
  2. Seoul, South Korea – 106.5 million views
  3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 62.7 million views
  4. Jakarta, Indonesia – 37.1 million views
  5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – 32.6 million views
  6. Paris, France – 27.2 million views
  7. Buenos Aires, Argentina – 16.2 million views
  8. Tokyo, Japan – 13.1 million views
  9. Bogota, Colombia – 12.4 million views
  10. Melbourne, Australia – 11 million views

The world’s most-watched attractions on travel TikTok 

With an impressive 1.5 billion views on TikTok, the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa is the most-watched tourist attraction in the world. The building boasts observation decks, the world’s tallest restaurant and a spa and gym. Three other Dubai attractions also feature in the top 25: The Dubai Mall, the tourist attraction Global Village which allows you to visit 70 countries around the world in one place and the world’s first seven-star hotel, Burj Al Arab.  

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Six theme parks feature in the top 25 list, including Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida which is the second most popular tourist attraction on TikTok with over 965 million views and Disneyland Paris in France, which takes the third spot with over 685 million views. Universal Studios Hollywood (6th), Efteling in The Netherlands (11th) and Europa Park (14th) in Germany also make an appearance on the top 25 attractions on travel TikTok. 

The United States of America has the most attractions on the top 25 list, including famous beauty spots Niagara Falls, Lake Tahoe and the Grand Canyon.

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Miami’s South Beach and Sydney’s Bondi Beach are the only two beaches to make the list, but the beach-filled island of Isla Mujeres off of the Cancun coast also features in 24th place.  

25 Most-Watched Attractions on Travel TikTok 

  1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE – 1.5 billion views 
  2. Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, USA – 965.3 million views 
  3. Disneyland Paris, Paris, France – 685.8 million views 
  4. The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE – 574.8 million 
  5. Times Square, New York, USA – 525.1 million 
  6. Universal Studios Hollywood, California, USA – 430.3 million views 
  7. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France – 413.6 million views 
  8. Global Village, Dubai, UAE – 390 million views 
  9. Niagara Falls, Ontario/New York, Canada/USA – 384.7 million views 
  10. Taj Mahal, Agra, India – 348.1 million views 
  11. Efteling, Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands – 316.7 million views 
  12. Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA – 302.4 million views 
  13. Central Park, New York, USA – 248 million views 
  14. Europa Park, Rust, Germany – 247.3 million views 
  15. South Beach, Florida, USA – 242.3 million views 
  16. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA – 224.5 million views 
  17. Machu Picchu, Peru – 211.1 million views 
  18. Universal Studios Florida, Florida, USA – 199.5 million views 
  19. Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE – 181.2 million views 
  20. Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia – 163.7 million views 
  21. Statue of Liberty, New York, USA – 148.1 million views 
  22. India Gate, Delhi, India – 144 million views 
  23. Buckingham Palace, London, UK – 126.1 million views 
  24. Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico – 106.7 million views 
  25. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada – 105.5 million views