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Qatar Airways to scrap first class from new aircraft. Image: Adobe Stock

Welcome aboard: Qatar Airways lifts flight ban on SA passengers

Qatar Airways will again accept South African-based passengers on its flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town as from 12 December.

qatar airways

Qatar Airways to scrap first class from new aircraft. Image: Adobe Stock

 After refusing carriage to passengers from South Africa just a few days ago, as a result of the discovery of the Omicron variant, the award-winning Qatar Airways has announced that it will soon be able to accept South African passengers on its flights out of South Africa.   

The ban affected South Africans who were booked to fly to international destinations on Qatar’s flights, forcing passengers to amend their travel plans due to the new travel and flight bans.

Qatar Airways continued operating flights to South Africa after Omicron-related international travel bans were imposed on various Southern African countries, but the airline could not accommodate departing passengers out of Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Qatar Airways will resume both inbound and outbound services to Cape Town and Johannesburg from 12 December. 

The airline will offer two flights a day between Johannesburg and Doha and a daily service between Cape Town and Doha.

“Qatar Airways has worked diligently throughout the pandemic to keep flying within the ever-changing regulations across the globe and it is particularly gratifying to once again be able to carry our South African customers to visit family and friends over the festive period, or to enjoy a well-earned break,” Qatar Airways vice-president Africa Hendrik du Preez told TravelNews.


While there may not be many destinations that South Africans can travel to at present, due to the entry restrictions placed on the region by a multitude of countries, South Africa remains open to visitors from other countries.

With many airlines having halted or reduced the frequency of their operations to South Africa, the easing of Qatar Airways’ flights is good news for SA’s tourism sector – which is again in the doldrums after mass cancellations due to the fresh wave of Omnicron related restrictions placed on the country.

We also know how important tourism is to South Africa and hope this will encourage more people to visit South Africa over the summer season,” Du Preez said.

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