rapping flight attendant

Rapping Southwest Airlines flight attendant David Holmes in action. Image: YouTube screengrab

Freestyling: Flight attendant raps safety briefing [watch]

A flight attendant took to rapping the pre-flight safety instructions…with passenger participation! Take a look.

rapping flight attendant

Rapping Southwest Airlines flight attendant David Holmes in action. Image: YouTube screengrab

For many passengers on scheduled flights, paying attention when the flight attendants give the obligatory safety briefing before take-off is not high on the agenda — especially when one just is eager to get going, or if one has flown previously and has heard it all before.

The pre-departure briefing given by cabin crew before a flight takes off is an essential procedure on any passenger flight.  Passengers are given important information which they will need to know in the event that anything extra-ordinary occurs during the flight.


US-based carrier, Southwest Airlines, which operates scheduled flights across the United States and to several destinations in the Caribbean is known for doing things differently.

A member of its cabin crew showed off his vocal talents by rapping the entire pre-flight safety instructions with the participation of the flight’s seated passengers – who provide the beat by clapping and stomping along as the flight attendant raps through the briefing.

“Some of us tell jokes. Some of us sing. Some of us just stand there and look beautiful. I, unfortunately, can do none of those. So, here’s the one thing that I do know how to do. We’re going to shake things up a little bit. I need a little audience participation otherwise this is not going to go over well at all,” he said.  

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The passengers begin to stomp and clap as requested, providing the beat for the impressively rapped version of the pre-departure safety briefing on flight SWA 372 to Oklahoma City.

A flight attendant named David Holmes creatively delivers the usual safety briefing with rhythm provided by the passengers. 

“So, here’s what I need, especially you guys in the front cause you know what’s coming. Alright, I need a beat. All I need you to do is stomp and clap and I am going to do the rest cause I did five flights today and I just can’t do the regular boring announcement.

“Otherwise, I’m going to put myself to sleep. So, are you guys with me? Alright! Give me a stomp, clap, stomp, clap. Come on. Stay on beat there,” he says.

Watch David Holmes in action


It appears that the passengers on flight SWA 372 enjoyed playing their part in the unique version of the pre-departure safety briefing by giving a round of applause and much cheering at the end of the activity.

On completion of his ingenious briefing, the attendant thanks the passengers for their attention and participation. He guarantees passengers that they would not experience such creativity on flights operated by competitor airlines.    

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