Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi Gupta wedding

Abu Dhabi is planning on dropping its quarantine requirements to lure tourists back. Image: Adobe Stock

Abu Dhabi set to lift quarantine measures for international travellers in July

In an effort to draw tourists back to its shores, the emirate of Abu Dhabi will drop its quarantine requirements from the beginning of July.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi Gupta wedding

Abu Dhabi is planning on dropping its quarantine requirements to lure tourists back. Image: Adobe Stock

After completing its rapid vaccination campaign, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi, is preparing to reopen its borders with eased entry restrictions 

Unlike neighbouring Dubai where entry is prohibited to several nationalities including South Africans, Abu Dhabi plans to lift quarantine restrictions for most nationalities from 1 July.

The National reports that Abu Dhabi plans to remove COVID-19 quarantine restrictions for international travellers from the beginning of July, with the exception of visitors from India where infections are currently surging.

“Abu Dhabi will be open for everyone with no quarantine protocol starting from July 1,” Ali Al Shaiba, executive director of tourism and marketing for Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism, told The National. 


Abu Dhabi will implement different requirements for visitors from low-risk and high-risk countries.

There are currently 22 countries on Abu Dhabi’s green list, which allows quarantine-free entry travel to visitors from those destinations. Nationals from low-risk countries will only require one test for entry to Abu Dhabi from July.

“People who will come from low-risk countries will take just one test, either before or after they land in Abu Dhabi,” he said.

A two-test entry requirement will be implemented for nationalities that pose greater risk to Abu Dhabi. Visitors from countries with higher infection rates will need to undergo two COVID-19 tests – one before they depart and the other upon arrival in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi is looking to reopen its tourism sector by attracting new tourism source markets. Al Shaiba said that Abu Dhabi was looking to smaller markets in Asia, Africa, and eastern Europe to boost its tourist numbers.

“Africa might be another opportunity for us and also some of the eastern European countries,” he said.


Abu Dhabi has approximately 33 000 hotel rooms, which Al Shaiba says is more than sufficient to accommodate the expected rise in tourist numbers to the country once the quarantine requirement is dropped

Abu Dhabi also plans to ease restrictions on a number of tourism activities. The move is expected to positively affect the sector as it will allow many of Abu Dhabi’s activities and attractions to operate once again.

Quarantine-free travel is likely to appeal to international visitors who have few travel options while several countries are still closed or have restrictive entry quarantine requirements in place.