Apple WWDC20

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WWDC20 live coverage: Follow along with Apple’s keynote here

Follow live updates of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) here. Craig Federighi will deliver the keynote address.

Apple WWDC20

Image via Apple

Apple’s WWDC 20 (Worldwide Developers Conference) began streaming at 19:00 SAST. Tune in for live coverage of new Macs, MacOS, WatchOS 7, iOS 14 and other Apple announcements.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow for the event live stream to be embedded. Fret not, we’ll update this article throughout the course of the keynote on Monday 22 June. Craig Federighi will be delivering the keynote.

Keep in mind that this 104-minute keynote address is just the start of an eventful week! There will be plenty more announcements and fun stuff coming our way from now until Friday 26 June 2020.

We’ll prepare an in-depth guide of all the announcements below, in due course. We will also post daily updates about WWDC 20 news. Bookmark our WWDC tag to stay up to date with all the new developments.

WWDC20: New announcements

WWDC announcements: MacOS

Update: 20:25 — Historic changes

Next up is Tim Cook with historic changes coming to Mac. It’s a huge leap forward for Mac; it’s transitioning to Apple Silicon. Currently working from “a lab in an undisclosed location”, Johny Srouji, SVP for Hardware Technologies explains why this is a big thing.

Srouji says Apple is constantly pushing boundaries. He explained the chips powered the Mac, with all the features that place it in a class of its own. More about this later.

Update: 20:21 — Safari Extensions on Mac

You can now customise your extensions, from building shopping lists or favourite recipes to playlists. It will also show known trackers on websites, and you can tailor privacy settings and extensions to your specific needs.

Other features include updates for browser tabs, as well as translation options.

Update: 20:18 — Safari on Mac

From a new design to updated privacy updates, Safari’s is better and faster than ever. When loading frequently visited websites, Safari is 50% faster than Google Chrome. Privacy is huge with the new update.

This year, Safari will show you how the websites you visit track you. It only securely monitors your passwords to ensure it hasn’t been compromised in a data breach. The website tracking service will certainly be useful.

Update: 20:16 — Apple Maps on Mac

It’s now easier to get around using Maps on Map. A favourites section has been adding, as well as a feature called ‘Look Around’, it’s incredible on the big screen. It also gets all the updates coming to iOS14.

Update: 20:16 — Messages on Mac

It’s going to the next level, that’s for sure. With powerful search, as well as a redesigned photo picker and Memoji. Make and edit your Memoji right on your Mac.

Update: 20:07 — MacOS Big Sur

The new macOS update is called Big Sur. It brings you unmatched levels of power and beauty. From new system controls to a new suite of sounds, the macOS Big Sur a content creator could possibly need.

New mail icons in the sidebar, new colours and a simplified toolbar and search bar. Filtering is just a click away. What about photos? Just stunning, Craig says. It now also has a control centre.

WWDC announcements: iPadOS

Update: 19:37 — Scribbler for Apple Pencil on iPadOS

Apple announced Scribble. Hand-write anywhere, and it will be converted to text. Double-tap on the handwriting to select words and lines. You can even change the colour on handwritten text.

Update: 19:37 — Apple Pencil for iPadOS

We all love Apple pencil. In fact, it’s the reason I bought an iPad Air. Working with digital handwriting can be tricky. It’s so much easier to edit typed text. Apple vows that digital handwriting will be just as easy and powerful this year.

Update: 19:37 — Search on iPadOS

Search is now redesigned too! It’s easier to find contacts and documents, or search within any of the folders. Start your web searches from there as well. It makes navigating to your favourite website just as easy as launching an app.

Update: 19:36 — Siri on iPadOS

When you receive a call on iPad, the incoming call screen covers everything. Now, an incoming call is “presenting in a compact notification” at the top of the screen. Simply tap to answer or swipe to decline the call. So much better!

Update: 19:35 — Music on iPadOS

This is getting an update too. More on this later.

Update: 19:31 — iPadOS

It builds on all the amazing features, and then some. This year, it will “more streamlined and more powerful”. Some of the advancements this year is the redesigned widgets. What about app improvements?

The iPad is perfect for browsing photos, and the new sidebar makes it easier than ever. All the core functionality of the app will now be in a single location. It’s a powerful way to organise your photos.

Simply drag to the sidebar to activate it, then drop it where you want. The toolbars have been streamlined as well. Change views, drop-and-drag the order, the possibilities are endless.

WWDC announcements: iOS14

Update: 19:27 App Store for iOS 14

For everything you want to do, there’s an app for it. Apple apps are now becoming more accessible in new ways.

Update: 19:24 Car Play for iOS 14

Car Play is available on 89% of new vehicles sold. Apple is now introducing a digital version of car keys. Yep, simply unlock your car with your iPhone. How cool is that!

Update: 19:20 Maps for iOS 14

Millions of people use Maps every day. This year, Maps will offer new guides. The app will provide “new ways to get there”, which include new cycling options for those who travel by bike.

Update: 19:16 – Messages for iOS 14

First up, Conversations. With so many active conversations, it can be tough getting to all the important ones. Now, you can pin the most important messages to the top. Next up, Memoji.

More than 20 new hair and styles will be added, along with new-age options and face coverings.

What about Groups? It can sometimes be hard to keep track of the conversation. This year, Apple is adding In-Line replies. Then, of course, Mentions. Only get notified when you are mentioned in a group.

Update 19:15 – Siri updates for iOS 14

Apple is introducing a new app called Translate. It works completely offline and keeps all your conversations private. It’s currently available in 11 languages.

Apple WWDC 2020
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