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Slack is down! Here’s how to reconnect and get back to work

Popular business communication platform Slack is down for some users due to connectivity issues. The company said the issue should by fixed by 22:00 on Friday.


Photo: Stephen Lam / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP

Business communication platform Slack is down for some users. Reports began filtering through on Thursday, 30 September, about users who could not connect to the service. This user can’t connect to slack via desktop, mobile or the in-browser version, while the platform is working fine for my colleagues.

Slack has since confirmed that the connectivity issue is related to DNS (Domain Name System) and only a small group of users are affected by the outage.


“We are aware of connectivity issues related to DNS that are impacting a small sub set of users. This issue was caused by own change and not related to any third-party DNS software and services,” said Slack via its status update Twitter page at 21:59 on Thursday.

The platform said the problem could be resolved faster by reaching out to your internet service provider to ask them to flush their DNS record for

Slack initially said it expects all customers’ connectivity issues to be resolved within the next 12 hours – 35 minutes later they shared another update that said the fix would take at least 24 hours. “We’re very sorry for the incorrect information shared and for the continued trouble due to this issue.”

If all else fails – and you’re comfortable with doing so – you could get reconnected to Slack by using an alternate DNS service like Google – the platform recommended this one – or Cloudflare, according to The Verge. Follow this link for detailed instructions on how to configure your network settings to use Google Public DNS ( and