Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

A spectacular Camps Bay sunset captured with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Photo: Hannah Rossi/The South African.

Capture spectacular sunsets with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s cameras push the boundaries of low-light smartphone photography ensuring that your sunset snaps stand out in the social media crowd.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

A spectacular Camps Bay sunset captured with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Photo: Hannah Rossi/The South African.

Cape Town is often home to stunning sunsets and when the day’s last rays of light colour the skies with pinks, reds or oranges, social media is flooded with photographs from across the city – usually taken on smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with a class-leading quad-camera that will ensure your sunset snaps are a cut above the rest.


We watched the sun dip below the horizon from the white sands of Camps Bay beach on a blustery and cold winter evening.

As the light waned, it presented an opportunity to test the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s low-light photography capabilities.

Nightography – as Samsung refers to it – sees the S22 series combine hardware and software features to improve on its already impressive night photography functionality.

 The main 108MP camera’s sensor is 23% larger than its predecessor with a fast aperture – f/1.8 – which lets in enough light to detail a scene even in difficult lighting conditions.

In the photograph, there’s less noise in the shadows than one would expect along with some lovely details – footsteps that lead out of the frame, a pink cloud that resembles a tuft of candy floss and the reflection of the sun bouncing off the wet sand.

The main camera is coated with an anti-reflective layer – “super clear lens” – that eliminates lens flares. This is evident as the camera is pointed directly at the sun and yet the image is unaffected.

Photo: Hannah Rossi / The South African.


The videos taken at Camps Bay beach on the Galaxy S22 Ultra were nice and steady despite the windy conditions.

The camera’s low-light photography features are extended to video as well. However, here Samsung uses dual-track image stabilisation to mitigate blurry recordings due to camera shake.

This dual stabilisation consists of Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and Video Digital Image Stabilisation (VDIS).

OIS sees the main and telephoto cameras move in an opposite direction to where the camera is panning or shaking while VDIS uses motion readings to determine how the camera is moving and adjust for it – this happens frame by frame to ensure smoother video.

You don’t have to understand the science behind a sunset to appreciate its beauty, just as you don’t need to understand the inner workings of the Galaxy S22 Ultra to know it takes fantastic photographs.

Video: Hannah Rossi / The South African.


In auto mode, the camera can read the scene and make the necessary adjustments – allowing you to point and shoot away. Night mode is one of the functions automatically enabled when shooting in low-light.

More seasoned photographers will appreciate the aptly named “Pro Mode” that lets users dial in exactly the settings they want such as aperture, shutter speed and more.

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