Spotify music search feature

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Spotify rolls out new feature to search for songs via lyrics

If you’re terrible at remembering the names of songs, keep reading; Spotify finally has your back.

Spotify music search feature

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You will now be able to search for song lyrics on Spotify; perfect for when you’re trying to find a song but the title has vanished from your memory.

One of the sobering things about ageing has been the realisation that there were quite a few tracks that make up my memories of my twenties that I either never knew or could no longer remember the names of.

Spotify’s suggestions have helped often recommending a song that I otherwise would never have found. Still, other times Spotify would send me down a rabbit hole remembering songs that for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name of or even who sang them.

Spotify’s new search feature

While Spotify’s curation often feels borderline supernatural, it’s the search still left a little bit to be desired. To find a track you’d need a title or at the very least the artist.

The Spotify team are fixing that now with the latest update to its app, allowing us to search song lyrics. The news was confirmed by Spotify’s head of design, Lisa Wang:

“My team just shipped something on iOS and Android – now you can find songs by lyrics. [On] Spotify Give it a try”.

Lina Wang, Twitter.

How it works

All you have to do is type in your search term as usual, and Spotify will try and match the term to a song or artist. However, with the newest update, Spotify will also check if your search term matches the lyrics of any songs.

These results will show up with a “Lyric Match” tag below the search result highlighting that the song’s lyrics match your search term. Having played around with it a bit, I found that when searching lyrics, the more words you have, the better.

Overall the matches were really impressive, but you’re quite possibly going to struggle a bit for a match if you only have a few words or they happen to match a few songs.

Long overdue

The feature is super helpful when that song title is on the tip of your tongue, and the chorus has been stuck in your head all day. We all know that the best way to defeat an earworm is to embrace it.

While this is a welcome new feature for Spotify users, Apple users are probably having a bit of a giggle as searching for a song using lyrics has been around on Apple Music since 2018 already.

So, on the one hand, I’m thrilled that this lyrics search is going to make my life easier. On the other hand, I’m wondering what took them so long.