Julius Malema death threat

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Julius Malema airs anonymous citizen over alleged ‘death threat’

Taking to his Twitter page on Monday, Julius Malema shared a rather unpleasant message he’d received, which wished death upon the EFF leader.

Julius Malema death threat

Photo: EFF / Twitter

It was really only going to end one way for this anonymous texter, after they sent a chilling message to EFF leader Julius Malema. The 40-year-old politician has since shared the communication online, revealing the citizen’s phone number.

Julius Malema abused via anonymous text

After posting the personal details, hundreds of EFF supporters vowed to retaliate – heeding the call of their CIC. Malema didn’t say anything in his Tweet, but rather, let the screenshot speak for itself.

The person behind the phone seemed to take offence to a term Malema used over the weekend, claiming that both Tshwane and Potchefstroom could become ‘Afrikanerdoms’. The far-left leader claimed that the two parties would reintroduce ‘white minority rule’ in both municipalities, during his address on Sunday.

“The Freedom Front and the DA are going to establish Afrikanerdom so they will move it from Tshwane back to Pretoria…Then you’ve got Afrikanerdoms. This would be the return of the white minority rule.”

Julius Malema

‘Death threat’ claims aired by Juju

This outburst clearly got the better of one punter, who was feeling much braver this morning when his contact details were still private knowledge. He sent a tirade of abuse to Juju, branding him a ‘racist pr*ck’.

The individual also wished a ‘slow and painful death’ upon Julius Malema, slamming the political firebrand for his views on Afrikanerdom. The message is abhorrent, and almost certainly, the consequences will be far-reaching.

“Hey Juju. Sorry the Afrikanerdom is lurking over your shoulder again, you racist pr*ck. Hope you die a slow and painful death for all the pain and suffering your cause this country by being an advocate of racial significance and differentiation in politics – and any other platforms for that matter. Jou mas was toe reg gewies… jy in ‘n p**s.”

Alleged ‘death threat’ sent to Julius Malema
  • Here is the full screenshot of the text, shared by Julius Malema on social media:
Photo: Julius Malema / Twitter