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How to remove photo location data from your phone

Unless you specifically need to tag your photos with a location, also known as geo-tagging, it is a smart idea to strip location data.

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It is very easy for someone to get a hold of your private information which is why it is so important to go big on privacy and security when you buy a new phone or computer.

Hackers or stalkers do not need much to find your data. They can use even a photograph shared on a friend’s wall, or Instagram feed, to start tracking you.

Therefore, unless you specifically need to tag your photos with a location – also known as geo-tagging – it is a smart idea to remove the location data.

Remove location before you start

cell phone photography
You can toggle off location in your camera settings

You can strip location data from your photographs before you use your device.

You also can have the location function on but toggle it off for situations where you know you will not want your location to be public knowledge. This may be for personal protection.

To do this, go into the camera app on your phone and look for the settings option. On Samsung, it should be in the top right corner of your device.

From here, turn off the location toggle. This means that when you taking a picture in the future, the location data will be left blank. This leaves no way for a stranger to use this data to track or hack you.

On the other hand, you may want to keep this data, for example if you would like to be tracked in case of an emergency, or if need proof of where a picture was taken. Then simply leave the location toggle on.

Remove location from existing photos

cell phone photo gallery
It takes time to remove location tags from photographs but it can be done

So, what about the hundreds, if not thousands, of photos you have already taken? How do you go through each and every one to remove their location tags?

There is a solution but it will take a bit of time and patience.

It is important to note that the gallery app on your cell phone may differ so if you have a Google Pixel phone then skip to the next section as your gallery will be Google Photos.

First, open up your gallery app and tap on the picture that you wish to remove the location tag from.

Next, swipe up (or click on the menu and select “details”) to access the picture’s information.

You should be given the option to edit the information and you will notice a red minus next to the location tag. Tap this to remove it, and then save the picture. The location data will now be blank.

There does not seem to be a way to do this in bulk directly from your Android. However, there are different apps you could make use of to complete this task.

Remove location from Google Photos

Google Photos
You can strip location information from your Google Photos

When it comes to Google Photos, unless your app is password protected it is still a liability to have it on your phone while it is constantly showing off your photo locations.

Even turning off Google location does not help, so your safest option is  to disable the app when leaving your home.

However, if you are not a fan of this then you can strip the location data individually.

First, open Google Photos on your phone or visit the website on your computer.

Open the picture you wish to edit, and then swipe up for the information (click on the info icon on desktop).

Then tap the icon to the right of the listed location. If you are using the app, click Remove Location then click Remove. On desktop, just click No Location.

Again, there is no batch option for this straight from your mobile device so you will need patience is required when attempting this.

However, it is worth being safe and protecting your sensitive data at the end of the day.

The ideal is to disable location right from the start, then you do not have the headache of stripping location from individual photographs after they have been taken.