Standard Bank vaccine mandate

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Shi Zhao

Standard Bank: Scores of customers hit by technical glitch

Standard Bank had something of a technical hiccup on Thursday, as the company faced a desperate scramble to fix issues with mobile and online features.

Standard Bank vaccine mandate

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Shi Zhao

A number of Standard Bank customers have reported problems with their mobile and online banking services on Thursday. The institution have acknowledged the problem, and they scrambled to get their systems back online for the rest of the afternoon.

Is Standard Bank down?

With millions of South Africans anticipating payday on Friday, this issue would have put a few people on tenterhooks. Clients who have tried to log in to their account through the app or via an electronic device have been hit by an error message, and their sessions have timed out.

Frustrated users took to social media to report their grievances:

Why can’t I log on to the app or my online banking?

It’s not clear what has brought the systems to a standstill. The use of ATM and card transactions remained unaffected. The bank posted these updates just after midday:

“You may be finding it difficult to log on to Internet banking and our Banking App at the moment. We’re working to sort this out. Please use our Cellphone banking service on *120*2345# as an alternative. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and will keep you updated.”

Update: Standard Bank online again

The good news is that the issue was finally resolved by 13:40 on Thursday afternoon. The incident may have riled a few customers, but the disruption has now been rectified. Standard Bank clients should have no further issues with their services for the remainder of the day. In-person banking facilities are fully functional.