Innovations shaping the future of the HVAC Industry

Innovations shaping the future of the HVAC Industry. Image credit: AdobeStock

Innovations shaping the future of the HVAC Industry

(Partner Content) The HVAC industry is going through a revolution that helps keep up with the demand from home buyers and builders.

Innovations shaping the future of the HVAC Industry

Innovations shaping the future of the HVAC Industry. Image credit: AdobeStock

Today, there are a lot of new digital technologies. These digital technologies have made everything easier, from business to hospitality to home safety. Everything has been made not only easier but also cheaper and better. With the rise of smart home technology adoption, home buyers expect to find the homes they are interested in buying already equipped with the latest technological advancements. The new digital solutions help make things more efficient, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Harnessing Heat from a Computer

If you are fond of using laptops and computers, you probably know how much a laptop heats up when you use it for a long time. A great innovator named Lawrence Orsini, the founder of Project Energy saw how efficiently computers generate a lot of heat. Here, he got the idea that the heat generated from laptops and computers can be used to power heat systems. Harnessing heat from something you use every day is a great idea. Why waste energy when you do not have to? It’s exciting to speculate about the HVAC’s future; however, only time will tell.

Movement-Activated Air Conditioning

The movement-activated air conditioning is a new technology that has been recently discovered. Here, the Engineers at MIT have developed the design to utilize the sensor along aluminum rods from the ceiling. The movement is what activates the sensor. In simple words, the movement-activated air conditioner only kicks when movement is detected. A motion-activated system may sound like such an easy thing, but it has not been tried to date. However, these kinds of ideas show that the future of HVAC systems will be more portable and compact. This helps to reduce utility costs and energy.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is another example of digital technology with so much potential for the future of HVAC. Here there are different types of ducted air conditioning. This includes the split central air conditioners that work best for homes since they are an economical choice and the packaged central air conditioners that provide lower efficiency than the split central air conditioning. The air conditioning provides heating or cooling through ducts throughout your home or commercial space. Ducted air conditioning units from ActionAir will provide you with the best air conditioning units in the market. 

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

A California-based company recently created an ice-powered A/C system called the Ice Bear. Here, the air conditioning works by freezing water in a tank at night. The ice is used to help in cooling the building the next day. This has helped save a lot of energy and cost that would have been spent on commercial air conditioners. The design can cool a building for at least five to six hours, depending on the amount of water that had been frozen the previous night.

Sensor-Enhanced Ventilation

In 2015, an ingenious product was discovered. This product consists of sensor-driven vents. These replace home’s walls, floor vents, or even ceiling. The system then monitors the home’s air pressure, temperature, and other air quality factors inside the house. The most exciting part is that you can use a smartphone app to regulate all the air quality factors in your home. This provides precise control of air quality factors. The sensor-enhanced ventilation design may be new, but it was tested and already hitting the market.


Today, new technologies are being developed and advanced every day. This is why there are so many innovations shaping the future of HVAC. This article has provided you with great examples that hold the future of HVAC.