Huawei Nova Y60

HUAWEI Nova Y60: Innovation at your fingertips. Image: HUAWEI.

HUAWEI Nova Y60 – A trendsetter smartphone has hit our shores

Set the trend in your social circles with the latest tech from HUAWEI. Matchless smartness in the palm of your hand!

Huawei Nova Y60

HUAWEI Nova Y60: Innovation at your fingertips. Image: HUAWEI.

If you are into the latest tech available at your fingertips, you will know that the HUAWEI Nova Y60 is a smartphone for the trendsetters in society. With an elegant design and pioneering technology, this powerpack in the palm of your hand is just what a person needs who want to stay on top of smart devices.

With its large 5,000mAh battery, the HUAWEI Nova Y60 boasts a powerful battery performance. Combined with a 6.6-inch HUAWEI FullView Display and countless innovative features and a standard ROM capacity of 64GB, this richly endowed smartphone is everything the tech-smart individual needs in a smart world.

So, what can be expected of this pioneering smartphone? Let’s check out its features!

Magnificent 6.6-inch FullView Display and elegance in the palm of your hand

With its super thin bezels on all sides, the HUAWEI Nova Y60 offers a broad, crisp HD+ display, especially in landscape view. Now, it is easier than ever before to multitask on your smart device. An eye comfort mode has also been incorporated to combat eye fatigue.

Innovation and style come together perfectly in this sophisticated smartphone. Smooth edges combined with a hyperbolic ergonomic style finished off with a lush green or moody black colour scheme make the Nova Y60 a stylish companion to keep in your pocket.

Be empowered with 5,000 mAh big battery

Capturing special moments is just so much easier with a reliable smartphone. All the latest features on a smart device mean nothing without a corresponding strong battery. With the Nova Y60 you do not only have the latest tech at your fingertips, but a powerful battery to keep you going for hours.  The 5,000 mAh big battery makes it possible for you to stream, share, play online games and enjoy video playback for up to 15 hours.

In the event that your battery is running low, the power saving mode kicks in to support continued performance despite a low battery level.

Make long-lasting memories with a multifunctional triple AI camera

HUAWEI Nova Y60: Snapshots like never before. Image: HUAWEI.

Capture eye-catching high-res images like never before with the HUAWEI Nova Y60’s unique ability to absorb more light than any of its predecessors. Combined with HUAWEI’s exclusive algorithm to automatically identify moving objects to take crisp photos in motion and its useful function to take vivid images even in poorly lit conditions, and you have a powerful camera buddy in the palm of your hand.

What else can the Nova Y60’s camera do? With its 120° 5MP wide camera, you can now take really wide-angled photos and fit more happy faces in your group photos. Also, a 2MP depth camera working with the main camera of the Nova Y60 makes it possible for you to focus on an object while the background is blurred.

Love taking exotic selfies? With an 8MP front camera and a clever AI beauty algorithm, snapping sizzling hot selfies have never been easier.

Immerse yourself in superior sound technology

Bounce your head to the rhythm and soothing sounds of the HUAWEI SuperSound technology solution.  Its speaker volume is designed to play music of up to 86dB. This is an incredible 1.6 times higher than smartphones without this ground-breaking audio technology.

Other astounding features fitting for a smart lifestyle

Connect with 540P video or audio calls to other HUAWEI devices and enjoy the awesome features of MeeTime video calls. This useful function allows you to shares screens, add markups in real-time and much more.

Love taking screenshots to make life easier? The HUAWEI Nova Y60 incorporates a variety of knuckle gestures to take your screenshots experience to the next level.

  • Want to take a full screenshot? Simply knock the screen twice with a knuckle and voila!
  • Need to take a scrolling screenshot? Use your knuckle to draw the letter “S” on the screen and your rolling screenshot is put in motion. 
  • What about screen recording? Yep, that’s covered too! Use two knuckles to knock the screen twice in quick succession and screen recording will commence.

How can I get the HUAWEI Nova Y60?

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