HUAWEI Nova 8i

HUAWEI Nova 8i: Innovation at your fingertips. Image: HUAWEI.

HUAWEI Nova 8i – Elegance in the palm of your hand

Make sure you stay at the fore-front of innovation with the exclusive HUAWEI Nova 8i.

HUAWEI Nova 8i

HUAWEI Nova 8i: Innovation at your fingertips. Image: HUAWEI.

Time for an upgrade? Or maybe you are just tired of a smartphone that is not so smart after all? If you have scrolled through endless websites looking for a smart buddy that will suit your style, the end of your search has come. The HUAWEI Nova 8i is elegance, innovation, convenience, and trendsetting technology all combined in one gorgeously curved smartphone.

In a fast-moving world, the importance of a smartphone that can keep up with you cannot be overemphasised. So, whether you are a professional or a student, this phone will make your life so much easier with its pioneering capabilities.

Smooth sophisticated design with an immersive screen

The HUAWEI Nova 8i does not only feel comfortable in the palm of your hand but it looks spectacular with its smooth and slick design. Choose between dreamy colours such as moonlight silver, interstellar blue and starry black.

Combined with super slim top and side bezels resulting in a screen-to-body ration of 94%, enjoy a burst of vivid visuals on your HUAWEI Nova 8i.

Enjoy super-strong battery life with lightning-fast charging

No matter how awesome the capabilities of your smartphone are, if there is no strong battery to support all those fancy features, it is meaningless. Therefore, the HUAWEI Nova 8i comes with a 4300 mAH battery giving you all the strength you need to power through an action-packed day.

If you are running low on battery power, simply plug in your Nova 8i into the 66W adapter and literally see how quickly it charges. Within 38 minutes, your smartphone will be fully charged. Just what you need in a fast-paced environment.

Capture the most beautiful high-res selfies with a 64MP quad-camera

HUAWEI Nova 8i: Camera features you will love. Image: HUAWEI.

We live in the generation of selfies. Beautify your Instagram account with vibrant, high-resolution selfies that will look like a professional photographer snapped your pictures. The 64MP quad-camera comes with artificial intelligence capabilities coupled with an 8MP super-wide camera. It furthermore has a super wide-angle 2MP depth camera as well as a 2MP macro camera. Just imagine the kind of shots you can take with this powerful camera?

Enjoy a greater perspective with the extremely wide camera angle for those breath-taking landscapes you want to capture on your hiking trip. Take the most gorgeous night photos without losing any detail in a dimly lit environment. Photograph vivid foregrounds and blur the background for a unique depth perception. These are just some of the many camera features you can explore on the HUAWEI Nova 8i.

It’s “game on” with the HUAWEI Nova 8i

Love a good game? Then the HUAWEI Nova 8i is a must-have for you. With the super immersive screen display, your gameplay will be so much more enjoyable. Combat any irritating network interruptions with the Nova 8i’s seven antennas which ensure a powerful network connection throughout your game.

In addition, enjoy an incredible 60 frames per second rate ensuring a continuous smooth and stable gameplay.

Why wait? Get the HUAWEI Nova 8i today

With everything you need condensed in the slim, elegant frame of the Nova 8i, there are just so many reasons why you need to make sure you don’t stay behind on all these innovative features available.

Get the HUAWEI Nova 8i here today.