xbox game pass ea play microsoft

Xbox Game Pass: EA Play games will be available from 10 November

Microsoft’s not holding back in their attempts to make The Xbox Game Pass the reason customers choose an Xbox over a PlayStation. Enter EA Play.

xbox game pass ea play microsoft

The latest significant addition to the Game Pass service will get one up on PlayStation and see Xbox Gamepass Ultimate offer EA Play as an add-on, at no additional cost. Well played, Microsoft, well played.

Even as a die-hard PlayStation fan, I have to admit that Microsoft is hitting it out of the park when it comes to packing value into their subscription service. 

Microsoft’s recent business deals

Game Pass’ stock boost

Before the news that EA Play would be bundled with the Game Pass ultimate service, Game Pass’ stock was as high as its ever been off the back of the announcement that Microsoft is acquiring Zenimax.

Zenimax comprises a number of studios, including Bethesda and ID software. This deal, in and of itself, gave Microsoft access to a library of some of the best AAA titles including Doom, the Fallout titles and The Elder Scrolls franchise.

A lot of the press around Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax centred around the obvious concern that future titles from these studios could become Xbox exclusives.

Added value to Xbox Game Pass

What flew under the radar ever so slightly was just how much value the deal adds to the Game Pass Service; and what that could mean for consumers when deciding on their next console.

If you were lucky enough to pick up a PS5 pre-order before they sold out in South Africa: Congratulations!

Sony are winning the war when it comes to having PS5 titles available for launch day, but with games costing upward of R1 300, it seems likely that cost is going to be a limiting factor when it comes to splurging on new titles.

The rival PlayStation Plus Collection

PlayStation tried to answer the threat of Game Pass with its announcement of PlayStation Plus Collection; giving new PS5 owners access to a selection of some of the best PS4 games for free, on their brand new PS5.

However, Microsoft will now be adding an additional 60 or so titles via the addition of EA Play from 10 November 2020. This will include titles such as the Sims, FIFA and Mass Effect, amongst others.

It also coincides with the launch date of Microsoft’s next-gen Series S and Series X consoles. Initially, the EA Play offering will only be included for consoles.

Still, it’s expected that Xbox Game Pass subscribers will also be able to access EA Play games for Windows 10 in December 2020.

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