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Gaming: Tips and tricks to help you level up on Steam

If you are new to the Cloud-based gaming platform Steam, leveling up probably seems complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Steam gaming

For people who are new to gaming platform Steam, “leveling up” probably seems complicated. Here are some tips and tricks to get you going.

Firstly, it is important to remember that leveling up on Steam is purely cosmetic.

And secondly, when you have more badges and experience, people are more likely to trust you. It is, after all, an online gaming community.

How to get started?

When you first open your Steam account, you will immediately notice that it looks bland compared to others. Starting, your level will most likely be zero.

If you have not yet bought anything on Steam, you will notice that your account is limited. You will not be able to perform simple tasks such as accessing the market or leveling up. This is because you are required to spend a minimum of $5 (R80) on Steam.

You can spend the money on a game or by adding funds to your Steam wallet. Once this step is complete, you will be able to level up.

trading cards gaming game

Buying games with trading cards is key

Next, you should probably buy some games. You can either buy on Steam or other supporting websites such as Kinguin.

When buying a game, be sure to check whether it has any trading cards. You can do so by scrolling down on the purchase page and checking on the right side of your screen. A grey box should list what the game contains.

Once you have some games in your library, you are granted card drops after you have played them for more than three hours. If you have no plan to actually play the games you bought or just do not have the time, then try Idlemaster.

steam Idlemaster

This cool piece of software idles your game for you and collects all the card drops. A good idea would be to leave it idling overnight for the best results. Each game gives you two to four card drops and so, by morning, you can purchase the rest.

Once you have purchased the rest, you will have a full set. There should be an option to craft a badge that will give you a certain amount of XP and level you up.

You can monitor how much XP is needed before you level up again on the “badges”’ page on Steam.

Try bots and Level up websites

Once you craft a badge, you will notice that you receive backgrounds and emoticons. These can be found in your inventory.

These items can help you level up. On the SteamlvlUP website, you can trade these items in for gems. You then use these gems to buy full sets of trading cards for any game you please (even if you do not own them).

Once you have a full set of trading cards, level up, and then repeat the process with the backgrounds and emoticons you receive.

And the last method is using the bots on Steam. It is a straightforward process. You can trade items in your inventory such as gems or keys for sets of trading cards. There are quite a few bots you can try.

Once you level up, just keep repeating the process and your Steam level will skyrocket in no time!