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TennoCon 2020: Watch the ‘Warframe’ update here [live stream]

TennoCon 2020’s digital event today will feature new content coming to Warframe, including the upcoming Heart of Deimos update.

Warframe tennocon


Digital Extremes is hosting the fifth TennoCon event to share a wealth of new content coming to the Warframe. The organisers announced earlier this year that TennoCon 2020 will be a digital online-only event.

The Warframe Merch Store is down until [18:00 SAST] while we prepare for TennoCon! No peeking! You definitely won’t see swarms of maggots in tiny vests manning the shelves, forklifts and cash registers if you look now. Definitely not.


Don’t forget to connect with other Tenno and show off your favourite Warframe!. You can create your own TennoCon 2020 Badge and share it with us using on social media the hashtag #Warframe.

Warframe TennoCon 2020 digital event

The Warframe event kicks off on Saturday 1 August 2020. It will be going live on the Warframe Twitch account at 18:30 South African Standard Time (SAST). The last segment starts at 23:00.

“We want our TennoCon 2020 presentation to be an unmistakable reveal of what you see is what you get. Changing the date [to 1 August 2020] will allow us to put on the best possible show remotely and deliver the magic of TennoCon to you, our worldwide community”.

Watch: Tennocon 2020 live stream

TennoCon 2020 drops

If you’re an active Warframe player, you’re in for a treat: You’ll get loot drops simply by watching TennoCon 2020 live. You can even score a timed-exclusive Athodai hand-cannon.

During the TennoLive Digital Edition — a 30-min section starting at 23:00 — you’ll be able to score the Hydroid Prime for free. Digital Extremes said players will get free drops by watching any panel for 30 consecutive minutes.

“To receive a Drop through Steam, you must be logged into your Steam Account! After watching any TennoCon panel for 30 consecutive minutes, you’ll be rewarded with an Athodai Token. After watching TennoLive for 30 consecutive minutes, you’ll be rewarded with a Hydroid Prime Token.

Panels and schedule

What are you waiting for? You have until 23:00 to watch, and until 15 August to log into Warframe to redeem your Drops. The Tennocon 2020 schedule is as follows.

  • Welcome to TennoCon – 18:30 SAST
  • The Art of Warframe & Live Q&A – 19:00 SAST
  • Sounds of the System & Live Q&A – 20:00 SAST
  • TennoCon Community Art Show – 21:00 SAST
  • TennoTrivia – 22:00 SAST
  • TennoLive Digital Edition – 23:00 SAST

The organisers also said during a recent update that “Baro Ki’Teer has been informed of the date change and will be marking the occasion with a second visit.” Remember to get the Digital Pack before 2 August at 17:00 SAST.

“With its pivot to a digital event, Digital Extremes is definitely showing it’s not missing a step with TennoCon 2020. If you’re a Warframe fan, don’t miss out on seeing the new Heart of Deimos content when the event goes live!”

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