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A look into Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan

Since the state of emergency has now been lifted in Osaka Japan, work can once again commence on the Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios Japan.


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They are planning to open this new attraction in summer this year. There will however be restrictions pertaining to the new era we are living in. These will include wearing masks and not being allowed to scream on rollercoasters. Despite this though it seems that the bulk of the work has been completed and we are eagerly awaiting the results.

Nintendo brought to life

Advertised as an “immersive and innovative universe of Nintendo brought to life”, you can see how fans and kids of all ages would be waiting in long queues to experience this adventure as soon as those gates swing open.

The park boasts interactive environments that are all connected to each other using state of the art technology, and what’s more, you get to explore this massive park on the back of a Yoshi.

On your adventure through this Nintendo-themed world you can purchase your very own “Power Up Band” on which you get to keep your personal score throughout the multi-level game area that will host many one-of-a-kind challenges to test your skills.

New aerial photographs have been released that show the splendor and seemingly “compactness” of this colourful and inviting-looking theme park.

From the photographs it truly looks like an exert straight out of the Mario games, which will surely feel like you are really there. From towering spires and 2D-looking trees, to colourful buildings and blocks you get to punch through, intriguing doesn’t begin to describe this wonderland.

Opening date still unknown

The original plan was to have it open around this time when the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was to commence, but due to the ongoing health crisis everything has had to be postponed and the park itself is currently closed to the public.

Universal Studios Japan has announced that the park is closed till further notice and that they are “carefully considering a reopening date while monitoring the current situation”.

Universal has announced though that it is planning to bring Super Nintendo World to its parks in Hollywood, Orlando and also Singapore at some point in the near future.

The end of this global crisis will surely mean the uniting of friends and families again and the start of new adventures including visiting theme parks and public spaces, giving us hope and making life fun again by bringing out our inner-child.