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Here’s how you can still get the PlayStation experience on PC

PC gamers do not need to be left out in the cold because Sony offers ways for you to enjoy the PS4 experience on PC.

PS4 PlayStation

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PlayStation has made itself a giant in the gaming industry by providing millions of gamers with memorable gaming moments, great hardware and a host of quality exclusives.

While Sony does not offer PlayStation Now in South Africa yet, there are still a few methods to bring your PlayStation gaming experience to PC. 

Remote Play

Although Remote Play requires you to own a PS4, it also allows you to play PS4 games on PC. This is made possible by downloading the PS4 Remote Play app on PC. The app allows you to access your PS4 via WiFi and stream your games on PC.

Best of all, Remote Play is not limited to PC. Remote Play can also be used on iOS and Android devices, including cellphones and tablets. This is particularly useful when you want to snuggle in bed and play games at night.

Gamers should be warned that Remote Play requires an internet connection and consumes lots of data to stream gameplay, so tread with caution if you are not using an uncapped internet plan.

Use Your DualShock 4 on PC

PS4 PlayStation

The DualShock 4 is a pretty nifty controller. Released for the PS4, it is small, lightweight and has a comfortable ergonomic shape. It also brought a host of features to PlayStation consoles including a touchpad and a headphone jack.

Luckily, the DualShock 4 can also be used on PC.

Gaming: How to Experience PlayStation on PC

Steam has native support for the DualShock 4, so all you need to do is plug in and play. Many games on Steam feature controller support, and some, like Waking, even have support specifically for the DualShock 4.

For those who do not use Steam to launch their games, an application known as DS4Windows can also be used to enable you to use your DualShock 4 with your favourite games.

Buy ports

Sony’s host of exclusives are one of the reasons that many gamers choose PlayStation over its competitors.

For gamers that live in supported countries, PlayStation Now is a service that allows PC gamers to play many PlayStation games on PC. Unfortunately, PlayStation Now is not available in South Africa yet.

However, there are a few PlayStation games that have received PC ports.

Two PlayStation games with PC ports:

PS4 PlayStation
‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

Horizon Zero Dawn, developed by Guerrilla Games, is a third-person action adventure game that has you controlling Aloy as she explores a post-apocalyptic world.

Robotic dinosaurs known as machines roam this world. Using only primitive weapons such as slingshots and spears, Aloy must combat these metal beasts as she tried to uncover the secrets of her origins.

Released to critical acclaim in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming to PC in 2020 according to Guerrilla Games.

‘Death Stranding’

Death Stranding, developed by Kojima Productions, is another PlayStation exclusive that will be coming to PC.

Death Stranding has players navigate a barren landscape to make deliveries and reconnect America once again.

The game encourages gamers to collaborate through its online functions.

Tools and structures – such as bridges and ladders – left behind by one player can be used by others too.

If players find your structures useful, they can leave behind “likes” that let you know that your sacrifices are appreciated. Death Stranding will also be coming to PC in 2020. 

With these three tips, PC gamers will able to enjoy PlayStation gaming too.