Fall Guys game gaming cover

New gaming release: ‘Fall Guys’ is wacky fun for PS4 and PC

If you have ever wanted to live out a crazy obstacle course fantasy, then Mediatonic’s new full-of-beans online game, ‘Fall Guys’, is ideal.

Fall Guys game gaming cover

Ever watch wacky obstacle course shows such as Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout and wish you could participate? Mediatonic’s new game Fall Guys will let you live out that fantasy.

Fall Guys hit the shelves on 4 August on both PlayStation 4 and PC. It is an online multiplayer game where you take control of a cute bean. Then you compete against 60 other players in series of colourful obstacle courses, races and team matches.

The goal is to avoid elimination and be the last bean standing.

Unlike many online games, Fall Guys is less about skill and more about simply having fun. It’s hard not to enjoy the absurd obstacles, vibrant visuals and funny beans.

‘Fall Guys’ needs luck

The controls are simple to learn, and many of the mini-games require more luck than talent.

While this may frustrate those of us with competitive personalities, the low barrier of entry means amateur gamers can pick up a controller. They will still have a blast.

The beauty of Fall Guys is that even when you lose (which will happen quite often), it is hard to get mad because the world of Fall Guys is so goofy and colourful.

Furthermore, the player-base is large, so its quite easy to jump into a new game quickly.  

Fun challenges

Some of the most fun challenges include The Whirligig, an obstacle course littered with spinning propellers and rotating beams that you must navigate. It is quite hilarious to see silly beans attempting to race to the finish line only to be flung away by a spinning beam.

Door Dash is one of those mini-games where winning takes quite a bit of luck. Players need to race through a series of doors to get to the finish line. However, some doors are fake and trying to run through them will result in your bean falling over.

Other challenges include Fruit Chute where you must race to the finish line while canons blast giant fruit in your way. And then there’s Slime Climb where you navigate an ascending obstacle course coated with slippery slime.

Gaming lightens up with ‘Fall Guys’

Since its release, Fall Guys has seen massive popularity. On its first day, the game drew 1.5 million players. By 10 August, Fall Guys had sold two million copies on Steam.

PlayStation players should note that Falls Guys is free to download in August if you have a PS Plus subscription.

For many, 2020 has been a year of uncertainty and dread. The gaming world has also been considerably dark with releases such as The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima. They feature violent gameplay and dystopian worlds.

The sudden popularity of Fall Guys shows that a bit of colour and light-hearted fun may be just what many people are craving.