cavestory plus epic games free games epic store mudrunner

Image via Nicalis Inc and Studio Pixel

Free PC Games: Download CaveStory+ from Epic Store this week

Download CaveStory+ for free from the Epic Games Store. You have until 10 December 2020 to grab your free copy.

cavestory plus epic games free games epic store mudrunner

Image via Nicalis Inc and Studio Pixel

Time for free PC games from Epic Store again. You have until 10 December 2020 to download this week’s free games: CaveStory+. If you missed last week’s freebies, you can purchase it from the store.

Epic Games gave away MudRunner, the ultimate off-road experience simulation game. Let’s take a look at the upcoming game.

Free games from Epic Store – 3 to 10 December 2020


CaveStory+, which was developed and published by Nicalis Inc and Studio Pixel, is an action-adventure platformer which will unpack all the nostalgia. All of it.

Marketed as “arguably the most well-known indie game of all time”, CaveStory+ is centred around an original story “brimming with personality, mystery and fast-paced fun”.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to run, jump, shoot, fly and explore your way through a massive adventure reminiscent of classic 8 and 16-bit games.

Watch: CaveStory+ launch trailer

CaveStory+ has a rating of nine out of ten on Steam, while Eurogamer gave it a 90 out of 100, and Destructoid weighed in with 95 out of 100, who described it as a masterpiece for anyone who likes classic action games.

In addition, Steve Bowling praised the game’s impeccable design, saying it has a “level of finesse that isn’t often seen in AAA titles, let alone indie releases”.

“One element that stood out to us happened early on when a series of pitfalls were thrown our way. The first pit was easy enough to fall into, but contained nothing. The very next series of them contained spikes that would spell certain doom, though we had been trained to look for these”.

Steve Bowling

You have until 3 December to download CaveStory+ for free. Simply head over to the Epic Games launcher to get your copy.

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MudRunner, which was developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive back in October 2017, is the ultimate off-road experience simulation game.

You need to take the wheel and dare to keep going in incredible all-terrain vehicles. Venture across the extreme Siberian landscape with only a map and a compass to guide you.

There are 19 powerful vehicles to choose from. The developers explain that each vehicle has its “own characteristics and attachable equipment”.

If you missed out, you can still get MudRunner from the Epic Store, for R280.99.