torchlight ii epic games free games pc games

Game poster as released by Runic Games

15 Days of Free PC Games: Day 14 – Download ‘Torchlight II’ from Epic Store today

Epic Store spreads festive cheer with 15 days of free PC games. Get ‘Torchlight II’ now.

torchlight ii epic games free games pc games

Game poster as released by Runic Games

The Epic Games Store is giving away 15 games per day for free in its festive season giveaway. Today you can get Torchlight II at no cost at all.

Previous freebies include My Time at Portia, Metro: 2033 Redux, Darkest Dungeon, Alien: Isolation and Tropico 5. Here’s what you need to know.

Festive Freebies – Day 14 of Epic Store’s 15-day sale

‘Torchlight II’ – 30 to 31 December

Torchlight II, which was developed by Runic Games and published by Perfect World Entertainment back in September 2012, is an action role-playing dungeon crawler video game.

Paying tribute to the hack-n-slash genre, Torchlight II as an impressive 9/10 rating on Steam, with audience reviews on Google ranging between 3.5 and five stars. Some even say it is “the best ARPG/HnS game of all time”.

“‘Torchlight II’ is filled to the brim with randomised levels, enemies and loot. [It] expands the world and adds features players wanted most, including online and LAN multiplayer”.

Perfect World Entertainment

Watch: Torchlight II trailer

There are four classes to choose from, and each class can be played as either male or female; customised cosmetic features included. You can also choose between going the MultiPlayer route, or just exploring the vast open world.

Joystiq said it features an “incredibly polished and solid world”, while Charles Onyett from IGN said at the time of the game’s release that it “delivers pure, perfectly paced loot-driven euphoria”.

“‘Torchlight II’ doesn’t do anything radically new, but does everything incredibly well. It fits all the pieces of varied monster behaviour, interesting items, excellent skill design and random surprises together into a near-perfect formula, where the action never stops and rewards are never far away”. 

You have until 18:00 South African Standard Time (SAST) on 31 December to download Torchlight II for free. Simply head over to the Epic Games launcher to get your copy.

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If you missed any of the previous games, hurry over to Epic and get it at a reduced cost while the festive season giveaway is still active.