Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair movie game

‘Director’s Chair’ was the forerunner to the new game ‘Steven Spielberg’s Director’s Choices’

Direct your own Spielberg ‘movie’ and play manic games with Tarantino

Lights! Camera! Action! Put yourself in the director’s chair with this reboot of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Director’s Chair’ video game.

Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair movie game

‘Director’s Chair’ was the forerunner to the new game ‘Steven Spielberg’s Director’s Choices’

Steven Spielberg’s Director’s Choices is an interactive movie game that puts you in the director’s chair and allows you to make choices that affect how a story’s narrative will play out.

Director’s Choices features another major-league movie director, Quentin Tarantino, as one of its actors.

The game is an adaptation of an ambitious project Spielberg attempted in the 1990s, titled Director’s Chair. This was a weird hybrid between games and movies as it gave viewers the opportunity to direct their own story.

Along with Tarantino, actress Jennifer Aniston and American magicians Penn & Teller also made an appearance in Director’s Chair. Despite its lofty vision, however, Director’s Chair was not successful.

Thankfully, all was not lost. Carnegie Mellon University professor Paolo Pedercini, who is also a game-maker, stepped in.

How to play ‘Director’s Choices’

Pedercini took many of the elements of Director’s Chair and used them to make Director’s Choices which you can play on your browser.

He describes it as “an interactive movie made with bootlegged footage from a terrible ’90s CD-ROM”.

Explaining how he turned an experimental ’90s video game into a modern-day, choose-your-own-adventure game, Pedercini tweeted:

“The footage was totally raw, I had to edit all the clips, add sounds and music. I also upscaled the ultra-low-res videos with an AI-tool.”

The main draw of Director’s Choices, as the name would suggest, is the ability to make choices.

For example, you can decide to make certain characters mean or friendly. You can also choose how scenes will play out.

Gamers are for example forced to make decisions about the narrative that include whether or not Tarantino remains calm or goes manic (the interesting choice, of course…). Another choice is to make Tarantino crack jokes.

Interactive movie games

Interactive movie games are not a new phenomenon. Although most have been tacky gimmicks, a few have managed to stand out and impress gamers and critics alike.  

This includes Night Trap which has you protecting a group of home-alone teens from waves of home invaders.

Night Trap, released in 1992, was successful enough to warrant a 25th anniversary re-release on modern platforms. However, it was also controversial enough to be cited in 1993 US Congressional Hearings on violence in video games.

For fans of mystery, there is also Erica. This is a Sony exclusive that has you investigating a murder mystery. You stay in Delphi House, a mental healthcare centre filled with eccentric yet sweet women.

  • You can access Director’s Choices free at However,  be aware that traffic to the website has been so high that it might not be immediately accessible.