fortnite update v12.5

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Fortnite servers back online after v12.5 update

Many users were frustrated about Fortnite’s downtime on 29 April 2020, but it was all for a good cause as v12.5 was released. Get a sneak peek at the new skins here.

fortnite update v12.5

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Fortnite was down, but with good reason. The developers announced earlier today that the Fortnite servers would be down for several hours while the v12.5 patch is being implemented.

Fortnite downtime: What you need to know

Fans will know that Epic Games facilitates updates every Wednesday, therefore this downtime was expected, even if inconvenient during these lockdown times.

However, the game was only offline for four hours, which is in line with the downtime of previous patch updates. If the downtime inconvenienced you, take comfort that several known issues have now been addressed.

Fortnite update: Known issues addressed by v12.5

According to Fortnite, the following issues were resolved with the update to v12.5:


Framerate and resolution drops in v12.41

The developers confirmed that they were aware of an issue “that may cause framerate and resolutions to drop, particularly when panning the camera view in certain directions. This has been addressed in v12.5

Battle Royale

Local Challenges not appearing when entering a new area

Local changes were not appearing on screen when gamers entered a new area. It affected all platforms, however, players were still able to see Local Challenges when inspecting the on-screen map. This issue has now been resolved.

“Block damage with a Kingsman” Challenge not tracking progress

Skye’s “Block damage with a Kingsman” Challenge was not tracking progress. The developers confirmed that this has now been resolved as well.

Save the World

Surround Pound’s heavy attack damage

Using the Surround Pound’s heavy attack didn’t properly deal damage to Husks when used. The issue was first spotted when Power B.A.S.E Knox shared a replay video on Reddit.

Players may be swapped to their pickaxe when using an ability that’s on cooldown

Using an ability that’s on cooldown swapped players to their pickaxes, which was not ideal. This had an impact on heavy combat when spamming abilities.

Stormking Onslaught Projectiles are not functioning correctly

The Storm King’s Onslaught projectiles were not accurate and didn’t seek the target. Instead, the projectiles at times turned to the ground. This has been an issue since v12.00.

The issue was reverted to the QA team back in March, and the issue has now finally been resolved.

Players became stuck in a previous Fortnite Dungeons zone

Players may become stuck in a previous Dungeons zone while their teammates had already moved on to the next zone. Super frustrating, we know.

The issue was first raised when Overtaker Hiro shared a gameplay clip on Reddit. According to another user, the same issue occurred during one of their Grotto matches.

The issue affected PC, PS4 and Xbox One players; the Fortnite QA team confirmed that the issue has now been resolved with the v12.5 update.

Psylocke’s Pickaxe does not swing properly

This issue – which affected gamers across all platforms – was a source of discontentment for most gamers, to say the least. The issue was attended to in earlier version, but should now be fully resolved with v12.5.


Video playback disabled on Android

The QA team confirmed back in March that they were investigating an issue “in which Android device may crash when a video plays in-game”. At the time, the QA found a temporary fix:

“We’ve disabled video playback (including Message of the Day) on Android to mitigate this issue until it’s resolved.”

Extra Build buttons display Wall icons

The QA team confirmed on 31 March that they were aware of a “visual issue” which caused players to see extra Build buttons displayed as wall icons. The issue has now been resolved.

Ping marker displays 0m

The QA team confirmed earlier this month that they were aware of “an issue that is causing the ping marker to display at a distance of 0m”, after u/Incompletedominance raised the issue on Reddit.

The issue only affected mobile gamers, and has now been resolved.

New v12.5 additions

Other than bug fixes, the v12.5 update comes with a smorgasbord of cosmetic updates, including new skins.

New Fortnite skins

Fortnite v12.5

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