Three Tokens to explore for crypto beginners: XRP (XRP), Polygon (MATIC), and Big Eyes (BIG). Image: Adobe Stock

Three Tokens to explore for crypto beginners: XRP (XRP), Polygon (MATIC), and Big Eyes (BIG)

The crypto world can be extremely daunting for beginners. Here are three cryptocurrency tokens to get you started on your cryptocurrency journey.


Three Tokens to explore for crypto beginners: XRP (XRP), Polygon (MATIC), and Big Eyes (BIG). Image: Adobe Stock

The world of crypto can be extremely daunting for those new to the space. What all of the acronyms mean, and how blockchain technology works, can be mind-boggling and can put many off stepping foot into the territory.

Therefore, we have picked three cryptocurrency tokens to get you started on your cryptocurrency journey. These are Polygon (MATIC), XRP (XRP), and Big Eyes (BIG). These three tokens cover three very different aspects of the crypto landscape, which we will explore and explain to show that the world of crypto is easier to understand than you may think. 

XRP (XRP) and Open-Source Tokens

Built on the XRP Ledger blockchain, XRP (XRP) is a token which focuses on utility and scalability. It has been designed to have multiple uses and to be used by many, allowing it to scale up both in usage and value. 

XRP (XRP) is an open-source and permissionless technology, meaning that anyone can use the blockchain in any way they see fit. This includes using and modifying the XRP source code for individual projects, as well as anyone having the opportunity to engage with the validation system, which can provide token rewards. 

The other benefit of XRP (XRP) is that it is quick and cheap, being able to perform transactions in under 6 seconds with a cost of just a fraction of a penny. It can also handle a great number of transactions at any time, able to process around 1,500 transactions per second.

All of these aspects of XRP (XRP) make it a very valuable token, due to many crypto users wanting to benefit from the services it brings. Therefore, for new crypto users, it is a token that is worth researching, with an investment having a high possibility of making returns in the future. 

Big Eyes (BIG) and Meme Tokens

Big Eyes (BIG) can be defined as a meme token. This describes a token which has based its creation around online memes and the topics of interest in the online crypto community, as a way to draw in and maintain an audience and community that can help see the project grow.

One of the biggest memes to be adopted by the crypto space is the Doge meme, which began to gain popularity in 2013. During this time, Dogecoin (DOGE) was created, and as the token gained popularity in the crypto space, a multitude of other tokens sprung forth, influenced by the meme and the Shiba Inu dog.

Big Eyes (BIG) is countering this by focusing on a cat character, who is defying the trends set by these dog-based meme coins. ‘No Dogs, No Masters’ they declare clearly on their site, explaining that they plan to prove this by having all their tokens available from day 1, as opposed to using a presale system.

Meme coins form communities, where users can engage with their chosen crypto and each other. Big Eyes (BIG) intends to do this by also adding a rich universe that their character lives in, adding even more reason for users to engage with the token and each other.

Therefore, for those looking to find a community through crypto, Big Eyes (BIG) may be a great place to start.  

Big Eyes (BIG) be defined as a meme token. Image: Supplied

Polygon (MATIC) and dApps

Another important area of crypto is dApps, which stands for decentralised applications. These dApps are made by the community and serve a variety of purposes that help make the crypto experience smoother and more fun. 

Polygon (MATIC) is a platform that facilitates the development of dApps, using its connections to the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain to give their dApps scalability and a greater reach to the wider crypto community. This connection to Ethereum (ETH) also provides a great framework for security and technology for these dApps.

As dApps are constantly being developed, and Polygon (MATIC) continues making big deals such as their NFT collaboration with Instagram, the value of the MATIC token has a good chance of rising, taking those with a stake in the token along for the ride.

As such, it makes Polygon (MATIC) a good contender for those looking to begin their adventure in cryptocurrency. 

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