Polygon's Grants Fuel GameFi Growth, PlayDoge Presale Soars

Polygon’s Grants Fuel GameFi Growth, PlayDoge Presale Soars. Image: Supplied

Polygon to drive GameFi adoption with new grants program: Bullish Momentum Picks up for Play2Earn Crypto PlayDoge

Polygon launches a $23 million grants program to boost GameFi, while PlayDoge, a new P2E meme coin, raises $4 million in its presale.

Polygon's Grants Fuel GameFi Growth, PlayDoge Presale Soars

Polygon’s Grants Fuel GameFi Growth, PlayDoge Presale Soars. Image: Supplied

Polygon launches a Community Grants Program to drive GameFi adoption, while PlayDoge, a new P2E meme coin, gains momentum with its presale success.

In a significant move to bolster its ecosystem, Polygon has launched a Community Grants Program, allocating 1 billion POL tokens to developers over the next decade. This initiative comes as the play-to-earn (P2E) crypto market sees rising interest, with new projects like PlayDoge capturing investor attention. Here, we explore Polygon’s latest efforts to drive GameFi adoption and why investors are excited about PlayDoge.

Polygon Creates New Grants Program, 1B POL Unlocked Over 10 Years

On June 11, Polygon announced the initiation of a Community Grants Program aimed at encouraging development within its ecosystem. The program will distribute 1 billion POL tokens, previously known as MATIC, from Polygon’s Community Treasury over the next ten years. This equates to roughly 100 million POL tokens annually.

The grants program was launched with an initial tranche of 35 million tokens, valued at $23 million at current prices. This first batch is available for immediate distribution to developers building on Polygon.

Developers can apply for funding through two primary tracks: the General Grant Track for general development on Polygon and the Consumer Crypto Track, which focuses on projects that drive crypto adoption in areas like gaming, decentralised social applications and NFT innovations.

Polygon’s aim is to foster a community-governed network of chains. Grants are expected to attract a wide range of developers, enhancing Polygon’s capabilities and broadening its appeal across various sectors, including the rapidly growing GameFi industry.

PlayDoge: A New Contender in the P2E Market

As Polygon aims to drive GameFi adoption, PlayDoge, a new play-to-earn meme coin, is generating substantial buzz. PlayDoge merges the nostalgic appeal of the 90s virtual pet craze with modern blockchain technology, allowing players to adopt, care for and play mini-games with a pixelated Doge.

Since its presale launch two weeks ago, PlayDoge has raised over $4 million, reflecting strong investor enthusiasm. Early investors have the opportunity to purchase PLAY tokens at $0.00506 each, using ETH, USDT, BNB, or credit/debit cards. 

The presale success is further evidenced by the staking interest, with over 63.9 million PLAY tokens already locked up, offering an annual yield of 242%.


PlayDoge’s approach includes both play-to-earn and share-to-earn models. In the play-to-earn aspect, users earn PLAY tokens by performing basic tasks with their virtual pets. This model leverages nostalgia, encouraging engagement through simple, rewarding gameplay.

The share-to-earn model taps into the viral potential of social media. Users earn PLAY tokens by creating and sharing memes and videos, effectively turning social media engagement into a marketing tool for the project.

PlayDoge’s developers have also structured its tokenomics for sustainable growth. Of the total 69 billion PLAY tokens, 50% are allocated for presale investors, with additional tokens set aside for liquidity, game development, and staking rewards.

Strong Market Reception and Analyst Optimism

The rapid presale success and innovative models have led to significant interest in PlayDoge. Over 3,600 followers on PlayDoge’s Twitter page are tracking the project’s progress, and prominent crypto analysts have offered bullish predictions.

Crypto YouTuber Crypto Mischief suggested that PlayDoge has “100x potential” once it is listed on exchanges, a sentiment echoed by the 99Bitcoins channel. This optimism is supported by the overall demand for P2E cryptocurrencies. The market cap for P2E-related cryptocurrencies has surged, indicating strong investor interest.

Combining Nostalgia and Modern Gaming: A Winning Formula?

PlayDoge’s unique proposition lies in combining the viral appeal of meme coins with the functional benefits of blockchain gaming. This combination is designed to attract a diverse audience, from casual crypto enthusiasts to serious investors.

The game’s competitive leaderboard system further fosters community engagement, allowing players to challenge each other in mini-games and earn additional tokens. This blend of nostalgia and innovative gaming elements positions PlayDoge as a compelling opportunity in the cryptocurrency market.

Polygon’s Strategic Move in the Context of GameFi Growth

Polygon’s new grants program is well-timed, aligning with the rising interest in GameFi projects like PlayDoge. By supporting developers through substantial grants, Polygon is positioning itself to be a key player in the GameFi sector, fostering innovation and adoption.

The grant program’s focus on projects that drive crypto adoption, including gaming, underscores Polygon’s strategic intent to capture a significant share of the GameFi market. This sector, currently valued at $12.8 billion, is expected to see continued growth as more innovative projects emerge.


The combined narrative of Polygon’s new grants program and the rise of PlayDoge highlights a significant trend in the cryptocurrency market: the growing convergence of gaming and blockchain technology. As Polygon incentivizes developers to build on its platform, projects like PlayDoge demonstrate the potential for innovative, engaging, and financially rewarding experiences.

Investors looking to capitalize on the next wave of GameFi and meme coin mania should consider participating in the PlayDoge presale. With its unique combination of nostalgic gaming elements and innovative play-to-earn models, PlayDoge stands out as a promising investment. 

Visit the official PlayDoge website to participate and stay updated through their social media channels. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in this exciting project and potentially reap significant returns as it continues to develop and capture the market’s attention.