OVEX and COWRIE offering a money-back guarantee. Image: Adobe Stock

OVEX and COWRIE offering a token with a money-back guarantee

OVEX and COWRIE launching first-ever token in South Africa with a money-back guarantee to help with economic growth.


OVEX and COWRIE offering a money-back guarantee. Image: Adobe Stock

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global economic downturn, and South Africa has not been spared. The country’s economy has been struggling for years due to a combination of factors, including high levels of unemployment, poverty, and inequality. In response, the government has implemented a range of policies and programs aimed at stimulating economic growth and recovery but none of these has worked.

One potential tool that could help South Africa in this endeavour is the COWRIE cryptocurrency.

OVEX and COWRIE offering a money-back guarantee

From 15 March 2023, the COWRIE will be sold on the OVEX exchange with a unique twist: a money-back guarantee. The money back guarantee will be managed by Schindlers Attorneys, by way of an Escrow agreement which is in place which guarantees the buyer a full refund at any point until 24 September 2049 at the price they purchased, less any transaction fees.

COWRIE is a crypto token created to uplift grassroots communities and build sustainable regenerative economies in Africa.

The COWRIE is endorsed by SAtion, which has been tasked by Business Unity South Africa to lead South Africa’s digital revitalisation strategy. 

“We are thrilled to list the COWRIE token as a supported asset on our exchange, alongside many others.” Jonny Ovadia, CEO and Co-Founder of OVEX. OVEX has a daily trading volume of over $10 million, making it one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in South Africa.

Jonny Ovadia, CEO and Co-Founder of OVEX: Image: Supplied

COWRIE’s mission is to narrow the Gini coefficient, which is one of the highest in the world in African countries, with South Africa being the highest. 

This is done through the combination of a Trust structure that is incorruptible and embraces radical transparency and democratisation, combined with blockchain, which is fully transparent, and the birth of sustainable regenerative economies from the COWRIE which is released every year to the Trust.

“We believe this money-back guarantee is the first of its kind in the world and is yet another example of how the COWRIE project is breaking new ground in the crypto industry. By providing investors with an extra layer of protection, we hope to inspire confidence in the COWRIE and encourage more people to invest in this innovative project.”- Maurice Crespi, Partner of Schindler’s Attorneys.

The COWRIE will be listed on OVEX on 15 March and the money back guarantee will only be on a limited amount of money back guaranteed tokens.
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COWRIE Tokenomics

The COWRIE has a 27-year vesting period, paying tribute to the 27 years that Madiba was imprisoned.

Every year on the 18th of July, Madiba’s birthday, the COWRIE will be released according to Madiba’s prison number – 46 664 000.

Further protection has also been included which is a groundbreaking first of its kind – the South African Pump and Dump Officer (SAPD Officer). The SAPD Officer exists to safeguard the COWRIE project and especially avoid pump and dumps or market manipulations.

The SAPD Officer is the COWIRIE project’s unique version of an IBCO curve type of smart contract, coded to look after a healthy release of key wallets from 28 July 2023.

The Incorruptible Trust 

Every year on Madiba’s birthday, 30% of the COWRIE is released to the Community Upliftment Trust.

The COWRIE owned by the incorruptible Trust will be spent on the upliftment of South Africans with a focus on amongst other things the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

The Trust will create a regenerative economy from the COWRIE that is released to the Trust every year. By way of example, the Trust will source workers from the MobiJobs Gig Economy platform, which is a platform where Africans can list their services for free ( This platform already exists and will accept COWRIE by Q3 2023. The Trust then pays the workers in COWRIE. The workers that have been paid in COWRIE then use their COWRIE to buy anything from tea to jewellery from

In a ground-breaking move, the Community Upliftment Trust has embraced radical transparency and incorruptibility to ensure that its operations are transparent and incorruptible.

Invest in a cryptocurrency with confidence

With the launch of the partnership between the COWRIE, OVEX, Virtual Nation Builders and Schindlers Si Attorneys, investors can now invest in a cryptocurrency with confidence, knowing that they can receive their money back at any time. This unique opportunity is an innovative step towards building a sustainable regenerative economy in Africa and provides investors with the peace of mind they need to support a positive impact.

How to Buy COWRIE

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To buy go to or

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