Caviar released limited editio

Caviar released limited edition gold Apple Airpods Pro worth R1 million

Caviar, a Russian company known for its luxury smartphone and tech goodies, announced a new set of Airpods Pro earbuds this month.

Caviar released limited editio

The limited edition Apple Airpods Pro is wrapped in 18-karat gold and comes with an eye-watering price tag, and was first spotted by Let’s Go Digital.

Caviar gave the set of wireless Apple Airpods Pro a custom design makeover. Admittedly, being wrapped in gold made these models slightly heavier than your average set.

Needless to say, Caviar made only one pair of earbuds, which means these Apple Airpods Pro truly are unique and one-of-a-kind. It also comes with a matching gold Caviar case with the company’s logo in the shape of a crown.

Earlier this month, Caviar also released a limited edition iPhone 11 Pro worth R1 million. The spectacular iPhone 11 Pro limited edition top model – known as the Caviar Discovery Solarius – contains 500g of 18 carats of gold and 137 diamonds.

AirPods Pro Limited Edition earbuds

In what we can only assume was an attempt to justify the existence of a pair of earbuds worth nearly R1m (or $67 700), a Caviar spokesperson said “wealthy people have the need to underline their status with luxury accessories.

And this is true, or else companies such as Caviar wouldn’t be in the business of manufacturing luxury goods. The spokesperson added:

Limited availability, expensive materials and jewellery elements have therefore become extra popular. The concept of a golden casing was born out of the idea that to distinguish yourself, you really have to do your best. 

It’s ironic that the company offers free worldwide shipping. The listing for the Airpods Pro on the Caviar website confirms that the device is made of “one piece of 750-content gold.” (That’s just another term for 18K gold.)

“The new model of wireless earphones may be rightfully considered a truly exceptional accessory. Besides that, their luxurious exclusiveness is considerably underlined by the limited edition of one copy.”

And lo and behold, the pair already found a home! The company wouldn’t say who the owner is, but the listing is clearly marked as ‘Sold Out’ in bright red letters.

Apple Airpods Pro

Apple introduced the improved Airpods Pro back in October. Not only does the silicone tips provide a better seal than ever before, but its noise cancellation feature was also upgraded to “continuously adapt the sound signal 200 times per second.”

Similar to the Sony WF 1000xm3, the AirPods can switch between Noise Cancelling and what they’re calling a transparency mode. The Transparency mode is designed to allow some ambient noise into your AirPods for when you are in situations where you need to be more aware of your environment.

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