iPhone 8

The iPhone 8. Photo: Flickr/Aaron YooFollow

Tech rumours: Apple’s iPhone SE could look like the iPhone 8, but faster

The smartphone could feature Touch ID fingerprint sensors.

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8. Photo: Flickr/Aaron YooFollow

The iPhone SE 2 is reportedly set to launch in early 2020, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst. The phone’s rumoured design was also broken down for interested customers.

Kuo (via 9to5Mac) and Nikkei have both corroborated similar information about the rumoured Apple phone. The iPhone SE 2 is said to be the successor to the 2016 version.

What the iPhone SE 2 could look like

What the iPhone Se 2 will look like. Photo: Twitter/@TheRealEdem

According to Kuo, the new phone will look more like an iPhone 8 than an iPhone 5. If the prediction is true then the mid-range phone will have a more modern look.

The design format would also allow older iPhone features to stay a little longer. For example, the Touch Identification (ID) fingerprint sensor and the “thick top and bottom bezels.”

Some of the smartphone’s possible features

In September 2019, Bloomberg actually reported that Apple’s next low-cost iPhone would look like the iPhone 8 and feature Touch ID. Speaking about the phone’s performance, Kuo shared that it could feature an A13 processor.

The smartphone will also carry 3GB of RAM, staying on par with what the iPhone 11 boasts. The phone could be quite small in size.

However, it won’t be as small as the iPhone 5-style SE was, nor will it be accommodating for one-handed use. For those keen on finding out how much it costs, that part is a bit tricky.

What is known about the iPhone SE 2’s price

It isn’t yet clear how much Apple will charge for it. The original iPhone SE was sold affordably at $399 or around R3,000.

A number of Apple fans were able to afford the phone without spending excessive amounts. Despite the original SE coming in at that price, it doesn’t look like the 2020 debut will be the same.

Judging by Apple’s latest hardware and the direction they’re heading to with the next iPhone SE iteration, the price range could be more.

Will Apple release it or not

In 2018, Kuo claimed that the SE 2 wasn’t going to be released, at least that was the case then. However, the smartphone was mentioned a number of times throughout the year before things went quiet.

The Verge speculated:

“It’s hard to tell at this point if it will release, but the rumors seem to be converging on key details, so we may hear more soon.”

The Verge

At this point, all we can do is wait for Apple to give out more information. We’ll keep readers updated with anymore news about the iPhone SE 2.