Apple AirPods Pro

Image supplied by Apple.

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Apple confirmed a release date for the Airpods Pro! The new model looks to compete with the best true wireless earbuds on the market.

Apple AirPods Pro

Image supplied by Apple.

Apple announced its latest product to go “Pro”. The new AirPods Pro will see the much-maligned true wireless earbuds from Apple get their most significant update to date.

With Google unveiling their new Pixel Buds this month to coincide with the release of their latest Pixel phone, it’s probably not surprising to see Apple push their latest hardware offering out of the door soon after.

Despite the proximity of the release date, the AirPods Pro is not meant to be competing with the Pixel Buds. When it comes to price and features, these are two different beasts in distinctly different weight classes.

In competition with Sony

If anything, the AirPods Pro looks to take on Sony’s wireless earbuds. Sony’s creatively named WF 1000xm3 earbuds are currently the high water mark for true wireless headsets.

While Sony’s earbuds are not perfect, they do currently boast the best sound and noise-cancelling in any true wireless headset.

Whether the AirPods will be able to knock Sony’s earbuds off their perch remains to be seen.

Apple AirPods Pro: Design and fit

Earbud-fit probably keeps manufacturers up nights; there’s no one design that is guaranteed to keep everyone happy. However, the AirPod Pro design moves back to the more traditional flexible silicone ear tips.

For the AirPods Pro, that will mean a departure from the hard buds which have not been everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to fit. Personally, I’d take the flexible silicone tips any day of the week.

The silicone tips will also give a better seal, which will mean better isolation and less chance of outside noises interfering with your listening experience.

Noise cancellation

The AirPods Pro’s active noise cancelling is the most significant upgrade to be found in the Pro. Apple is claiming that its noise-cancelling hardware will be able to “continuously adapt the sound signal 200 times per second.”

Similar to the Sony WF 1000xm3, the AirPods can switch between Noise Cancelling and what they’re calling a transparency mode.

The Transparency mode is designed to allow some ambient noise into your AirPods for when you are in situations where you need to be more aware of your environment.

Performance and battery

Added to this, the AirPods Pro is still powered by the H1 chip; which is also found in the Beats Powerbeats Pro and Beats Solo Pro models.

The AirPods Pro also have always-on voice recognition which will let you start talking to Siri without having to touch your headset.

The AirPods Pro is offering the same battery life as the regular AirPods. You can expect about five hours of normal listening with that reduced to around four and a half hours; if active noise cancellation is enabled.

The AirPods Pro will go on sale from 30 October 2019 in the United States. It will retail for $249 in the US, no local pricing has been made available yet.

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