5 great apps to use while trav

5 great apps to use while travelling through South Africa

If you’re set on travelling through South Africa, you’ve more than likely stumbled upon a plethora of things to see and do. You might be headed to see the Big Five, explore a wine route, or even experience some of our country’s rich history in historic locales, museums, living history exhibits or more.

A long weekend in Maputo

A long weekend in Maputo

When my cousin Libby and I told friends we were going to spend a long weekend in Maputo for the fun of it, everybody said tsk tsk, the road is terrible, you’ll fall into potholes the size of The Big Hole, it is dangerous for females to travel alone, hijacking, customs problems, illegal immigrants hidden in the boot, currency problems, guns, malaria, mossies, blah blah blah.