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Cyril, SONA and the Budget: What it all means for the Rand

We’ve had a lot of change in South Africa recently, by February 22 we will have witnessed the swearing in of a new president, Cyril Ramaphosa’s maiden State of the Nation address, and a Budget Speech to be given on Wednesday 21 February. It’s enough to drive anyone who is holding Rands batty. In times like these, it’s good to listen to experts. Together with Dynamic Outcomes we’re hosting a webinar covering the future of the Rand in these tumultuous times. You can get more details on it below.

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There’s more than one yellow brick road to Oz

Despite what you’re used to seeing on postcards, there’s more to the land Down Under than Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef. While these are famous Australian tourist attractions – regional Australia is a largely unexplored part of Australia that is in serious need of international migrants. Now, more than ever, it’s easier to move to one of these regions if you have the right skills.

Saffas in Australia: It just g
Move to Australia

Saffas in Australia: It just got easier to bring your parents to Australia

Living in Australia? Want to bring your folks to live with you? You’re in luck. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has responded to the pleas of those wanting to bring their parents Down Under with a new temporary sponsored parent visa. Starting from November 2017 this visa will allow as many as 15,000 people to bring their parents over to Australia every year.

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Saffas in Dubai: Don’t get stung by proposed new SA tax laws!

If you are a South African tax resident working abroad in a country that does not tax you on domestic earnings, like the UAE and many other middle eastern states, you need to be aware that SARS is planning to tax you on those earnings. There are ways you can avoid paying South African tax on your foreign earnings and I strongly advise that you take a long hard look at your options before it’s too late.

Internationalise your children
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Internationalise your children’s education and citizenship

Many parents, whose children are registered at South African universities for the 2017 intake, are waiting with baited breath – will registration take place on the allocated days, considering most universities have pushed out the start of their academic year by a month; will their children be safe on campuses which have been the site of looting and violence; will their children be able to complete the coming academic year?

Nenegate, Brexit and Trump: Ho

Nenegate, Brexit and Trump: How the Rand dodged the curse of 2016

It’s no secret, the start to 2016 was, how shall we say, an interesting time for the ZAR. Reeling from the incredible decision of President Zuma to remove Nhlanhla Nene from his cabinet on 9 December, the local currency hit some staggering lows in January. But a year is a long time and things have changed. Just how did the Rand fare against the Dollar, the Pound and the Euro? Read on to find out.