Is Nkandla the beginning of th

Is Nkandla the beginning of the end?

Nkandla is symbolic of how the people’s hope and faith and optimism has been variously abused, misused and ultimately destroyed. It is the tipping-point in the abusive relationship, argues Kameel Premhid.

South Africa and China; past a

South Africa and China; past and present… always a future

The Chinese people’s fight for national independence inspired South Africans – now the two countries are set to further improve bilateral ties. China has moved into direct investment in South African wine and now in recent weeks, there have been two significant Chinese investments in South Africa’s media.

Dina Pule’s nepotism only the

Dina Pule’s nepotism only the tip of South Africa’s corruption iceberg

Elaborate methods are used by South African civil servants, politicians and even headteachers to extract public money into their own pockets. The latest incident of corruption saw Dina Pule, South Africa’s former Minister for Communications giving her boyfriend’s company a R6 million tender — yet her punishment consisted of being publicly reprimanded and fined one month’s salary. Even South Africa’s president has been accused of corruption — so how deep does the problem go and what is being done about it?