Ministers close ranks around N

Ministers close ranks around Number One as Nkandla report is released

The Security Cluster of Ministers have closed ranks around Number One as the State releases its own Nkandla report ahead of the Public Protector’s more hotly-awaited one. As many expected, the State has defended everything down to the large swimming pool as esssential to the First Family’s protection, although some overpayment for individual items has been admitted to

Will Agang-SA run out of time

Will Agang-SA run out of time to campaign before 2014 Elections?

Ramphele’s party’s election plan for 2014 seems to be cutting it dangerously fine: the party will hold its inaugural national conference in January, where it will also confirm its leadership. Those leaders will then have no more than six months to canvass their constituencies and build a personal and party brand before the elections are held, as many predict, in or around June 2014

IEC scrambles to register 2m m

IEC scrambles to register 2m more South Africans before 2014

While the youth and chiefly rural provinces are lagging in voter registration, the IEC has mobilised more resources and manpower than before to ensure that at least two million currently unregistered voters get onto the rolls before the country chooses its leader for the rest of the decade in 2014