Braai Master UK: a braai, some
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Braai Master UK: a braai, some Saffas, and great times

What an incredible weekend it’s been on this side of the pond. For those that miss home, how do you make sure you feel like you’re home? What better way to do that than have 200 Saffas in a beer garden enjoying a braai? Couple that with raising over £1700 for our beautiful rhino and that makes for a perfect day out.

Braaing on Heritage Day: is SA
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Braaing on Heritage Day: is SA beef safe?

You probably wouldn’t sprinkle antibiotics like sugar all over your breakfast cereal every morning, even if you were sick. There is, though, a good chance that you are in effect doing something similar today on Heritage Day. The steaks you are braaing, or the chicken being grilled is likely to contain traces of antibiotics.

1 More Saffa | Sun’s out – It’
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1 More Saffa | Sun’s out – It’s braai time

Before I knew it, the sun had started to shine and blossoms and bulbs sprouted on random trees and fields of green. Spring is teasing the Londoners! Despite taking the pre-warned caution that this might be only a momentary thing, South Africans instinctively race to their webers and braai tongs.