composite 6 faces teenager pupils teacher cast members of St Agnes Blood & Water tv shows series

There are similarities between several characters in ‘The Girl from St Agnes’ and ‘Blood & Water’

Spot the similarities in ‘The Girl from St Agnes’, ‘Blood & Water’ characters

Take a look at how private school characters are portrayed in these two top South African series – they have a lot in common.

composite 6 faces teenager pupils teacher cast members of St Agnes Blood & Water tv shows series

There are similarities between several characters in ‘The Girl from St Agnes’ and ‘Blood & Water’

Showmax’s The Girl from St Agnes and Netflix’s Blood & Water are both set in posh private schools. They’re shown to be the crème de la crème of schools in the country, but is the way they’re represented factual and truthful? 

Representation explores how a person is portrayed and why they are portrayed in that specific way and in the two private school series’ context, there are similarities to be found between some of the characters.

It is evident that the directors of both series — Catherine Cooke, and Cindy Lee and Nosipho Dumisa respectively — identified and portrayed stereotypical characters in the private school setting that add an intriguing perspective to the development of their shows. 

Have a look at the three type of characters. 

‘The girl who has everything’ 

Megan Clayton vs Fikile Bhele
Megan Clayton vs Fikile Bhele

Megan Clayton (St Agnes) vs Fikile Bhele (Blood & Water)

Megan Clayton is a quiet young girl whose parents spoil her rotten. Megan’s father chairs the board of governors at St Agnes and her family seem to be the epitome of perfection. Megan and her friends Jenna and Lexi are the most popular girls at school.

Although Megan is not as popular as her friends, her family has influence and presence — when her father enters a room people stand up. The Claytons are the most powerful people behind the headmaster of St Agnes. In fact, the headmaster, Chris Whittam, plays puppet to Gary Clayton.

Megan is also part of the big plot twist of the story, but let’s not give any spoilers to those who haven’t yet seen it.

Fikile Bhele is the most popular girl in school with her friends Chris, KB and Reece — who are always by her side — sharing in the popularity.

Fikile’s parents are also very powerful and will fight to the ends of the earth for their daughter. Fikile is first introduced to viewers at her lavish birthday bash which instantly communicates to viewers that her family is rich and powerful.

Fikile eyes the position of head girl which she will obviously get …

Even though Fikile and Megan are not the lead characters in the respective series, their characters are integral in driving the narrative. As the popular girls who seem to have it all, the similarities are clear.

‘The angry school girl’

Moipone Molopo (St Agnes) vs Wendy Dlamini
Moipone Molopo vs Wendy Dlamini

Moipone Molopo (St Agnes) vs Wendy Dlamini (Blood & Water) 

Moipone is an outspoken young girl who is proud of her culture in every way, but she is portrayed as the school bully with her gang constantly having her back.

We also get a feel for Moipone’s home life when we are introduced to her father Kgalala Molopo. After attending Lexi’s memorial service, Clayton insults Moipone’s father by using a degrading term. Kgalala is a politician and some might feel that his daughter’s status is fuelled by his position in society. 

Wendy Dlamini is my personal favourite character in Blood & Water. Wendy is the head of the magazine society and constantly challenges the policies put in place by the school.

Wendy’s mother in the series happens to be the Minister of Agriculture and because of her position in society, some students at the school feel that Wendy acts the way she does because her mother is a powerful political figure.

Moipone and Wendy are similar in the sense that they come across as characters who do whatever they want because of who their parents are and the status they hold in society. 

‘The staff member with the ugly secret’

Dylan McMahon vs Chad Morgan
Dylan McMahon vs Chad Morgan

Dylan McMahon (St Agnes) vs Chad Morgan (Blood & Water)

On the surface, Dylan McMahon is a courteous staff member who always puts the girls at the school first, but Mr McMahon has a closet full of secrets that are revealed throughout the series.

He hosts a Christian support group for the students and is the school’s photographer, but after taking photographs at school events he stores the photos on his computer and even prints some of photos and keeps them.

His sickening secret is that he gets aroused by looking at his photographs of these young girls, which is leading to scenes which are uncomfortable for viewers to watch. 

Olympic swimming coach Chad Morgan is the swimming coach at Parkhurst College and unnervingly close to star swimmer Fikile Bhele. Fikile’s friend Chris even questions why the school coach always asks Fikile to stay back after swimming practice.

It is revealed that Coach Chad and Fikile are in a relationship and Chad is cheating on his pregnant wife. Chad makes empty promises to Fikile and tells her that soon that they won’t have to hide their relationship. However, things do not go smoothly and things do not go well for Chad when the authorities learn what he has been hiding.

Dylan and Chad both hide the biggest secrets in the series, with their illicit attraction to pupils at their schools.

‘What happens next?’

The Girl from St Agnes and Blood & Water have both received a multitude of views and been extremely popular. Apart from Grassroots, a series focused on an all-boys school, they are the two leading series set in South African private schools.

It’s their flawed characters which go towards making these productions such a drawcard, and beautifully shape the content and storyline into what they are.

All these characters are multi-faceted which keeps us on the edge of our seats, and you simply have to ask: “What happens next?”