thrifting fashion

thrifting fashion vintage clothing

Thrifting lovers, we got you: Here are four amazing online thrift stores

Sometimes you’ve got to make your student clothing budget stretch further, and that’s when you’ll find it’s nifty to be thrifty!

thrifting fashion

thrifting fashion vintage clothing

Thrift stores are great, but over lockdown you may not want to be going out to shop.

Savvy shoppers know where, and how, to hunt down the best deals via online thrift stores

Forget about the hustle and bustle of going to flea markets because online shopping has made everything easy nowadays.

Check out our list of a few of the best online thrift stores.

It’s nifty to be thrifty. Image via Canva


If you are looking for all things vintage and the ’60s vibe this store might be for you. Another plus is that most of the clothes are locally sourced.

Thriftythreads041 does not focus on clothing only, and you can also find one-of-a-kind handbags for a very reasonable price.

If you are into over-the-top blazers and pants you have to visit the online store on Instagram @thriftythreads041.

Babatte clothing

If you are a fashionista you may already have heard of Babatte clothing, one of the finest online shops, which is based in Cape Town.

Babatte mainly deals with designer pieces or outfits which are good value for money. However the shop is very diverse in terms of the goods it sells. Whether you are into vintage or classy modern it has  everything for everyone, regardless of your style.

Visit @Babetteclothing on Instagram.

2080 vintage thrift shop

2080 vintage thrift shop is in Durban, Greyville. If you are what they call a “cool kid” or “skrr skrr” this is a shop for you.

It sells high-end clothing at a very reasonable price but mostly 2080 is well known for a sneaker collection ranging from Nike Af1 to Yeezy 700 V3 Azeal (one of the best sneakers there is).

The store is also known for puffer jackets from well-known brands. You could also check out items the store sells on its Instagram page @2080vintage_thriftshop.


Are you into modern yet classic vintage wear? Look no further, Yaga_ za has got you. This shop sells some of the most stylish urban and vintage outfits that will make you appreciate the beauty of style.

The most interesting part is that it has a website showcasing all pieces. You will find the store’s page on Instagram @Yaga_za.

Golden rules of thrifting

Remember the golden rules of thrifting:

  • You have to go into it knowing that you might not find what you hoped you would, or you might not find anything at all.
  • You also have to be very patient, because looking through racks and racks of hideous clothing can be draining and time-consuming. However if you find a treasure then that time will be worth it.

Most thrift stores offer extremely low prices compared to their retail counterparts.

It’s common sense that the more money you can save, the better off you’ll be, which is why thrifting is awesome. If you haven’t hopped onto the second-hand clothing bandwagon, just yet give it a try!