Entrepreneur Drayson Little is a millionaire at 21

Entrepreneur Drayson Little is a millionaire at 21. Image credit: Supplied

Entrepreneur Drayson Little is a millionaire at 21

(Partner Content) The online business world can be a tricky path to venture into, but Drayson Little has made it look easy. Sure, the difficulties can be overwhelming, but for him, it has been rewarding to overcome all difficulties. Despite his struggles in the business world, Drayson thrived and became a millionaire at a young age.

Entrepreneur Drayson Little is a millionaire at 21

Entrepreneur Drayson Little is a millionaire at 21. Image credit: Supplied

Drayson Little stands as an inspiration to young people around the world by showing that it is possible to become a millionaire at any age. Now 21, Drayson has built a lot of e-commerce businesses and is now enjoying the life of his dreams.

How Drayson Little Became a Millionaire

Drayson hails from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Ever since he was 12 years old, it was always a dream of him to have his own company. Several years have gone by, and his consistent efforts have seen him own multiple e-commerce businesses. He has tapped into the power of dropshipping to create his e-commerce empire.

The beginning of his success story

The call to become an entrepreneur has always been there for Drayson. In his sophomore year, he began his first-ever e-commerce business on Shopify. He used dropshipping to fulfill the orders of customers.

Dropshipping is when sellers purchase products from a manufacturer/wholesaler and ship them directly to the customer. The cost-efficient method does not require stocking products in warehouses, hence the time and money spent on working out inventory logistics. When a customer orders, the product is shipped directly from the manufacturer.

After selling numerous iPhone covers, Drayson realized that more products on the market were available to be sold. So he explored all types of products he could find, including kitchen tools, children’s toys, and many more. He kept expanding his catalog of products and found himself earning a lot of money.

Skills to becoming an entrepreneur

After Drayson has mastered the art of dropshipping, he continued to practice good entrepreneur skills. He improved his advertising abilities, knowing that his products’ consistent and creative promotions could attract more potential customers.

Drayson also acknowledged the importance of caring for his customers through excellent customer service. Delivering regular updates and listening to his customers’ feedback are ways he made his customers feel good about his services.

Drayson prides himself on the edge he has over his competition. The ability to encourage his customers to buy things they had always wanted was a standout ability of Drayson which he capitalized on.

How things are going now for Drayson Little

Now, Drayson enjoys a life where the only essential thing needed to maintain his business is a laptop. He now runs a lot of online businesses selling various products to customers. Drayson is very active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where he connects and interacts with his audience.


Drayson Little’s entrepreneurial journey has taken him to new heights. He is planning on growing his businesses even more by offering more products to his customers and wants to be an inspiration to young people around the world.