7 Things people scare about your essay writing

7 Things people scare about your essay writing. Image credit: AdobeStock

7 Things people scare about essay writing

(Partner Content) We all have to write essays a few times during the learning phase, but many fear to start writing and keep looking for help. However, you can get quality, error-free, and original essays by hiring essay writing services.

7 Things people scare about your essay writing

7 Things people scare about your essay writing. Image credit: AdobeStock

Most have fears when it comes to essay writing. Some think they lack a grasp on the subject, a few have doubts about grammar, and others feel they cannot get perfection. All these fears are understandable when writing an essay for the first time. You are here means you want to overcome all these and achieve excellence. We will address all your fears in the following. You can go through and find ways to improve and deliver quality essays.

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1. Lacking Ideas

Some fear they do not have ideas to work on and cannot proceed. This doubt is not baseless since you cannot start writing if you do not know what to write. However, you can overcome this fear by reading and researching. Currently, you will get everything on your smartphone. You can learn and broaden your thought before going ahead. Once you have more ideas, you will feel confident and can start writing.

2. Cannot Choose an Inspiring Topic

Even experienced writers have this fear since topics play a determining role in essays. However, you should avoid choosing the title in a hurry. Take enough time and start researching. You can talk to your seniors, know the relevance of the subject, and then you can choose a topic that you find the most suitable.

3. Not Having Relevant Evidences

You can make an essay more relevant by adding key points. Most writers fear they cannot add relevant things and research results that will impact their scores. You can start gathering more ideas if you think your writing needs improvement. You cannot achieve this in a week or two. You can work on the topic to add relevance and make it more informative.

4. Not Getting a Valid Thesis Question

You can get into the deep of the subject to know which question can grab the most attention. Know what you want in your essay and how to achieve the objective. It is possible with thorough research. The thesis question should reflect what you have covered in your writing, and you can prepare the question after having command over the subject.

5. Making Grammatical Mistakes

You can make grammatical mistakes in the initial phase. However, it should not be a concern. Your focus should be on the topic and relevance instead of grammar. You can improve your grammar with practice. Also, you can use a free tool to check the grammar and work on suggestions to correct your mistakes.

6. Improper Sentence Structures

Yes, many have this fear and keep trying to improve the sentence structure and write quality essays. However, you cannot achieve this without practice. Understand grammar and basic rules of sentence composition and write and read regularly to improve your writing. Hard work and research can help you hone your writing skills.

7. Copying Ideas

It might happen while writing for the first time or following others’ ideas. However, you can avoid copying others’ ideas and try to develop yours to build trust. You can follow a simple rule to avoid this fear. Do not write while reading something on the internet. Instead, read and know the subject. Research as much as you can and start writing once you feel confident. You can avoid copying and start using your ideas if you do so.


Essay writing might be challenging for students since it shows their writing skills and tests their research and mental capabilities. You cannot get perfection in the first attempt and cannot overcome your fears within days. Also, all these fears can improve your writing skills since you will try your best to achieve perfection. Practice, improve, and overcome all these fears and take the help of writing experts when unavoidable.