Zlatan Ibrahimovic interview

Watch: Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s typically hilarious interview on Kimmel [video]

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was in brilliant Zlatan fashion on Late Night TV this week. Jimmy Kimmel and Zlatan together was always going to have brilliant results.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic interview

Since moving to Los Angeles to play for LA Galaxy, Americans have been losing their damn minds over soccer again. It’s like when David Beckham first went to play over there – Zlatan is the new ‘god’ of Major League Soccer.

“I’ve been thinking about Los Angeles for the last few years and I wanted to give them a gift. I was thinking a long time, then one day it came: ‘I should give myself!’ … You’re welcome.”

With Jimmy Kimmel enjoying a look back at Zlatan’s goals, the pair took the time to share some of Zlatan’s favourite and least favourite nicknames.

From his name meaning gold in the Balkan language to Jimmy suggesting that he be called “the Swedish fish”, Zlatan laughed while kindly saying he prefers something “more powerful”.

With Zlatan scoring on his debut in a truly incredible LA derby, the Swede explained how he had a vision of the magical moment.

“ I mean I had a vision before I come. When I come… I know there are some earthquakes in Los Angeles but this one was me stepping in Los Angeles. I wanted to make a statement and I mean, every movie has a good start.”

“This one was special for Los Angeles.”

Zlatan also revealed that “playing the way he does” means even in LA he can’t get a moment to himself.

The most telling moment of the interview? Probably when Zlatan was asked if he would be going to the World Cup. Just listen to this answer…

“I’m going to the World Cup, yes.”

“What will you be wearing at the world cup, regular shoes, or boots?” Kimmel asked.

“I just said I’m going to the World Cup, if I say more, people will hang me. A World Cup without me wouldn’t be a World Cup.”

Zlatan magic. Check it out below.