Photos from AEW Revolution 2023. Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling

The five best AEW matches of 2023 so far

Here are the five best AEW matches of the year 2023 so far, ranked according to how warm and fuzzy they made me feel.


Photos from AEW Revolution 2023. Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling

AEW have recently announced the addition of a new show that will shake up their weekly programming.

We expect updates on how TNT Africa will air the new show, Collision.

With the changes pending we though we’d take a look back at the five best matches on AEW TV this year.

Here are the five best AEW matches of the year 2023 so far.

You can catch AEW programming on TNT Africa from 10:00 on weekends, with new episodes of Dynamite going out on Sunday and Rampage on Saturday.

Darby Allin vs Samoa Joe AEW Dynamite 174

This is the third match in the trilogy.

Darby was wearing a hoody covered in thumbtacks. Darby splashed Joe in the corner! Joe covered his hand with his towel and then delivered a clothesline to Darby.

Samoa Joe pulled a table out from beneath the ring. As Joe was pulling up the table, Darby jumped out of the ring, sending the table into Joe’s forehead!

“Darby is a crazy man,” said Taz.

Samoa Joe brawled with Darby through the crowd. Joe dragged Darby all the way up the arena steps. Samoa Joe brought Darby back to the ring. He kicked Darby in the ribs. Samoa Joe tried to fight back with open palm strikes. Joe sent Darby to the mat with an ST-Joe!

Samoa Joe pulled a table out from beneath the ring and propped it up against the barricade. Joe returned to the ring but Darby came back, firing chops at Joe. Joe grabbed Darby and flung him over the top rope to the arena floor!

“That’s insane!” said Taz.

Samoa Joe dropped Darby with a brainbuster! Samoa Joe grabbed a handful of chairs and set them up in the ring, back-to-back. Joe lifted up Darby and then dropped him spine first on the chairs!

Joe attempted to powerbomb Darby but Darby blinded Joe with powder in the eyes! Darby nailed Joe with a stunner! Darby put the thumbtack-covered hoodie back on and nailed Samoa Joe with the Coffin Drop for a near fall!

Allin grabbed a blade and cut the ring canvas, looking to expose the pine boards and the steel ring frame. Darby charged at Samoa Joe but Joe moved and Darby smashed through the table outside the ring. Samoa Joe wrapped the hoodie around Darby’s head! Allin went for Joe’s eyes with his thumbs, gouging away. 

Darby cracked Samoa Joe with the steel chair. Darby climbed to the top rope but Samoa Joe met him up there and dropped him with the muscle buster onto the exposed boards. Samoa Joe pinned Darby Allin and became the 2-time TNT Champion!

Jay Lethal vs Mark Briscoe Dynamite 173

This match was requested by both men to celebrate the life and legacy of the late, great Jay Briscoe on his 39th birthday.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman joined Excalibur at the broadcast booth for the main event!

Mark bodyslammed Jay Lethal. Jay was quick to get back on his feet. Mark pushed Lethal back into the turnbuckles but Lethal turned it around and chopped Mark!

Mark and Lethal traded chops in the center of the ring! Briscoe connected with a kick to Lethal. Jay landed a dropkick to Mark Briscoe. Mark nailed Jay Lethal with the rat-a-tat-tat neck breaker made famous by his brother Jay Briscoe!

Mark delivered some of his kung fu off the top rope. Briscoe splashed Jay Lethal in the corner and landed an uppercut and then the iconoclasm on Lethal for a near fall. Mark butterflied Lethal’s arms for the JayDriller but Lethal fought out of it. Lethal countered with the Lethal Combination for a two-count.

Jay Lethal hoisted up Mark and dropped him down. Lethal followed up with the Lethal Injection! Mark Briscoe rolled out of the ring to create some distance from Jay Lethal. Jay put Mark on the time keeper’s table. Mark escaped and nailed Lethal with a dropkick through the ropes. Mark Briscoe followed up with a blockbuster on Jay Lethal!

Mary Briscoe propped up Lethal on the table. Mark jumped off the top turnbuckle and dropped an elbow onto Jay Lethal through the table!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Mark attempted the JayDriller again but Lethal escaped. Lethal attempted the Lethal Injection but Mark countered with two lariats! Mark spiked Lethal with the JayDriller and then pinned Lethal!

We love you Jay Briscoe!

El Hijo del Vikingo vs Kenny Omega Dynamite 181

Vikingo went over the top and crashed onto Omega right out of the box! Omega hammered back at Vikingo with forearms and kicks. Vikingo came back with an implosion hurracanrana and then a knee strike through the ropes!

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Vikingo used a shooting star press off the apron and onto Omega on the arena floor! Vikingo tried for a pin after a 450 splash on Omega. Kenny came back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Vikingo.

Omega pulled a table out from beneath the ring. Omega set up the table on the arena floor. Vikingo took down Omega with a rana. They began to trade chops on the ring apron. Omega sent Vikingo crashing onto the apron with a monkey flip.

“What a rough landing for Vikingo,” said Excalibur.

Vikingo sent Omega flying out of the ring with a dragon rana! Vikingo countered an Awesome Bomb and then hit the Phoenix Splash for a near fall on Omega!

“2.99 ad infinitum! Unbelievable!” said Excalibur.

The fans began to chant “Fight forever! Fight forever!”

Omega caught Vikingo with a powerbomb and then the V-Trigger for a two-count! Omega hoisted up Vikingo for the One-Winged Angel but Vikingo escape and then hit Omega with a swan diving reverse hurracanrana! Vikingo crashed down onto Kenny through a table after a 630 senton from the middle rope!

The fans erupted, chanting “A-E-W! A-E-W!”

Vikingo grabbed a near fall after a sunset bomb on Omega! Vikingo climbed to the top for a 630 senton but Omega dodged it this time! Omega rocked Vikingo with the V-Trigger and then pinned him with the One-Winged Angel!

“Spectacular outing by both men! Wow!” said Taz.

Tony Schiavone came to the ring to interview Kenny Omega.

Omega: “The more time that goes by, the more I wonder if I’m able to do this kind of stuff for you fans—”

The Blackpool Combat Club rushed into the ring and triple teamed an exhausted Kenny Omega!

Sirens began to echo throughout the arena. It was an ambulance arriving at the arena! “Hangman” Adam Page had stolen the ambulance and exited from behind the wheel with weapon in hand!

“Hangman” Adam Page came down to the ring and the Blackpool Combat Club jumped out. Don Callis grabbed Page’s arm and then acted as if Page knocked him to the mat. Kenny didn’t see that Callis fell himself down, and when Kenny got to his feet, he was infuriated by the perceived action of Hangman Page.

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Adam Page vs Jon Moxley AEW Revolution

Page jumped Moxley as Mox was making his entrance. Hangman and Moxley chopped each other in the ring. They upgraded to forearms and then punches! Moxley plastered Page with a punch to the jaw.

Moxley grabbed barb wire and was about to wrap it around Adam Page but Page blocked it. Page raked the barb wire against Moxley’s forehead. Moxley grabbed more barb wire, wrapping it around his fist and clocking Page with it. Mox pulled a fork out of his boot. Moxley trapped Page in a triangle and stabbed Page in the forehead repeatedly. 

“We knew there’d be blood but we didn’t know it’d be splattered,” said Schiavone.

Moxley grabbed a steel chair that was wrapped in barb wire and propped it in the corner. Page got to his feet and charged at Moxley but Moxley dodged Page, sending Page crashing into the barb wire chair!

“That took crash and burn to a whole nother level. Crash and bleed,” said Taz.

Moxley placed Page in a single leg crab on top of the chair wrapped in barb wire. Page popped up and powerbombed Moxley on two chairs that were wrapped in barb wire! Both wrestlers were up before the ten count.

Hangman Page wrapped his torso in barb wire and launched himself onto Moxley on the arena floor with a moonsault! Page returned to the ring but Mox baited him in and rocked Page with a cutter. Moxley pulled out a chain and two bricks from beneath the ring. Mox placed Page’s hand in between the two bricks and stomped on it!

Moxley spiked Page with a piledriver onto a steel chain! Moxley began to hogtie Page with the chain. Page bit on Moxley’s hand out of sheer desperation. Moxley escaped the ring and set up a plank wrapped in barb wire across two chairs. Moxley went to grab Page in the ring but Page jacked Moxley with a clothesline.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Adam Page and Jon Moxley at AEW Revolution. Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Page hurled Mox with a fallaway slam onto the steel chair wrapped in barb wire. Hangman followed up with the Dead Eye onto the barb wire-wrapped chair! Page and Moxley clawed one another on top of the turnbuckles. Moxley shoved Page off the top, sending Page crashing through the barb wire-wrapped plank on the arena floor!

Page got to his feet and back in the ring in the nick of time, but Moxley was there waiting with the King Kong Lariat! Hangman rallied back with a lariat of his own! Page went for the Buckshot but Mox countered with the Death Rider! 

Moxley curb stomped Page onto the bricks! Page managed to get to his feet but Mox wrapped up Page in the bulldog choke. Hangman faded and Mox let go, letting Page crumble. Moxley grabbed the chain, just in case Page got to his feet. Mox shouted, “Stay down!”

Page grabbed one end of the chain, pulled Moxley toward him and threw everything he head into a lariat at Moxley. The Cowboy smashed a brick against Moxley’s head! Page connected with the Buckshot Lariat! Moxley was knocked over the top rope, the chain wrapped around his neck! Page pulled on the chain and Moxley had no choice but to tap out!

Bryan Danielson vs MJF AEW Revolution

Danielson put MJF in a bow and arrow submission. MJF escaped and Danielson laughed at him and mocked him by doing jumping jacks.

MJF and Danielson traded arm drags, going move for move. The fans gave both wrestlers a standing ovation.

MJF drilled Danielson with a DDT. Fifteen minutes were down and neither man had the clear advantage. Danielson blasted MJF with a sunset flip powerbomb. The American Dragon tried for a hurracanrana but MJF countered with a powerbomb onto his knee!

Danielson scored with a tope twenty minutes into the match. MJF and Danielson hit one another with lariats. Danielson scored the first fall after the running knee hit MJF right on target! MJF struck Danielson with a low blow. It cost MJF one fall as he was disqualified, but then MJF scored two falls in rapid succession. It was tied 2-2!

Danielson wrapped MJF’s knee around the steel ring post. MJF writhed in pain. MJF was able to knock Danielson off the apron. MJF jumped off the top turnbuckle with a massive elbow drop, sending Bryan Danielson through the timekeeper’s table. Danielson made it back into the ring, barely beating the ten-count.

MJF planted Bryan with a tombstone piledriver through the remnants of the timekeeper’s table. MJF stuck Danielson with the heat seeker and pinned the challenger. MJF was up 3-2 with just under twenty minutes remaining. 

“Danielson is hurting and bleeding,” said Excalibur.

Momentum shifted again as Bryan jumped off the top turnbuckle onto MJF on the arena floor. Danielson sent MJF flying with a spider superplex! Bryan Danielson walloped MJF with a diving headbutt! 

“MJF was opened up by that head-to-head contact,” said Excalibur.

Danielson locked MJF into a submission and MJF tapped out! It was tied back up 3-3! MJF tried for the Salt of the Earth but Bryan rolled through and trapped MJF in the LeBell Lock! MJF transitioned and countered with the Salt of the Earth. Danielson managed to touch the bottom of the rope with his boot and force the rope break.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

MJF and Danielson exchanged headbutts with one another. There were less than five minutes remaining. Danielson smiled and hit MJF with a chop. MJF poked Danielson in the eyes. MJF nailed Bryan with a heat seeker but Danielson kicked out.

With less than three minutes, MJF planted Danielson with a tombstone piledriver off the middle turnbuckle. MJF immediately clutched his knee upon the impact of landing.

With sixty seconds, Danielson locked on a single leg crab! The time elapsed and MJF tapped out after!

The match was announced as a draw!

Tony Schiavone received communication from Tony Khan over the headset. Schiavone walked down to the ring as MJF was being administered oxygen. 

Justin Roberts announced that Tony Khan would not allow this match to end in a draw. It would now be sudden death, with the next fall winning the match!

MJF shoved the ref and the ref shoved back. Danielson cradled MJF for a near fall. MJF pulled the ref close and then low blowed Danielson with a back kick. MJF tried for the pin but Danielson kicked out. The Salt of the Earth was about to use the Dynamite Diamond Ring when Danielson connected with the reverse hurracanrana. Danielson waffled MJF with the running knee for a two-count!

“This is freakin’ epic,” said Taz.

Danielson put MJF in a single leg crab submission. MJF grabbed the bottom rope and then tapped. Danielson didn’t see MJF grab the rope, only hearing the tap. MJF cracked Danielson with the oxygen tank, unbeknownst to the ref! MJF put Danielson in the LeBell Lock and Danielson finally tapped!