medal SASCOC Medals bonuses olympics 123

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‘No bonuses for you’, SASCOC tells SA’s Olympic medal winners

What’s your reward for winning a medal at the Tokyo Olympics? Nothing, according to SASCOC – they will not be paying out any bonuses.

medal SASCOC Medals bonuses olympics 123

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The South African Sports Confederation and Olympics Committee (SASCOC) has confirmed that it WILL NOT provide bonuses to the two athletes who won our only medals at the Games in Tokyo.

South Africa’s medal winners ‘will not get bonuses’

In what was a relatively bleak Olympics for Team SA, both Tatjana Schoenmaker and Bianca Buitendag won three medals: Schoenmaker scooped a gold and a silver in the pool, whereas Buitendag finished second in the surfing.

With so few athletes finishing on the podium for South Africa, one would assume that SASCOC could find a bit of spare change behind the office sofas to reward our shining lights. Alas, it seems we are asking too much…

  • SASCOC President Barry Hendricks told EWN that their hands – and pursestrings – remain tied.

“This does not mean Sascoc does not want to issue performance bonuses. In fact, as we speak, we are trying to negotiate with partners to try and assist us in this regard. If one has to give performance bonuses for medals in the Olympics, we would then have to do that to the Paralympic athletes as well.”

“SASCOC cannot place unrealistic expectations on its athletes when we know full well that we can’t compete with the likes of Great Britain. Great Britain receives £350 million over a four-year cycle in preparation for the Olympics. SASCOC receives R28 million over four years.”

SASCOC slammed for stingy stance

The news has filtered through to Twitter on Monday, and boy, are people cheesed off. Despite SASCOC’s modest budget, many feel that the decision simply ignores the hard work and dedication shown by Schoenmaker and Buitendag. And as for this whole debacle playing out on Women’s Day? Well, it could only happen in South Africa…