World Cup final Lionel Messi

Agony and ecstasy in the biggest football match. of all. Photo by Adrian DENNIS / AFP)

REVEALED: What Lionel Messi whispered to himself before decisive World Cup Final penalty (video)

This is just so touching. Lionel Messi whispered a message to his late grandmother just before the decisive World Cup final penalty. Here it’s revealed.

World Cup final Lionel Messi

Agony and ecstasy in the biggest football match. of all. Photo by Adrian DENNIS / AFP)

This is about as wholesome and heart-warming as it gets. Lionel Messi whispered something to his late grandmother just before Gonzalo Montiel’s decisive spot-kick against France in the World Cup final. Here’s what he said.

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Messi spoke to his grandma as World Cup glory beckoned

As Gonzalo Montiel stepped up to take the decisive penalty of the final at World Cup 2022, Messi was spotted saying whispering something to himself. Enjoy that beautiful moment here.

Video: @roynemer / twitter

The PSG superstar’s grandmother played a key role in his iconic career, when she introduced him to football and pushed the manager of a local club in Argentina to to take a chance on him. It was before of her that he started playing the sport with older kids.

Messi’s grandmother, Celia, brought him to all his matches when he will never forget that. Messi’s iconic goal celebration where he points to the sky is in her honour. He’s done it his entire professional career.

The GOAT didn’t forget about her just before the crowning moment of his career as he reached out to her with the beautiful words: “Puede ser hoy, abu” which means “it could be today grandma”.

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Lionel Messi World Cup 2022
Messi held aloft with the biggest prize in football. Photo by Anne-Christine POUJOULAT / AFP)

You’ve got to have a heart of stone to not be touched by this story.

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