Orlando Pirates

Hilton Jordaa, a Coca Cola Cup champion as Jomo Cosmos captain. Image: @SihleGeneral10 / Twitter

‘The day muti worked against Orlando Pirates,’ according to this former Cosmos player

This former Jomo Cosmos player is clearly a fan of muti. Hilton Jordan has taken us back in time when he witnessed real black magic against Orlando Pirates.

Orlando Pirates

Hilton Jordaa, a Coca Cola Cup champion as Jomo Cosmos captain. Image: @SihleGeneral10 / Twitter

Orlando Pirates were once the victims of muti. The former Jomo Cosmos captain Hilton Jordaan was there in the real moment and made sure not to miss it.


Almost every story we’ve heard of regarding the darker powers has left us scratching our heads and thinking ‘muti just does not work.’ Even most former players that share the tales are often not convinced.

But not former Jomo Cosmos defender Hilton Jordaan.

“You know what, I had a lot of fun with it hey,” Jordaan told Kick Off.

“I can remember the one time when we trained at Houghton Park, out in Primrose.

So what part of the season was it and who played starring roles?

“I think we were playing Pirates in the first game of the 1999/2000 season where we beat them 4-1. Nkosinathi Nhleko scored all four goals that night with us beating them at FNB Stadium I think.

“We were training on a Tuesday morning and there were these two pigeons on the field flying up and down,” he added.

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Hilton then went on to reveal that the next day was to deliver a moment that was going to stay in his memory forever. He first arrived at Cosmos’ training ground to find empty grass…

“Then the next day on Wednesday, we go back to training, and when I get there, there’s nobody on the field.

“I’m thinking to myself, what’s going on now? I go to the change room asking myself what’s going on, has someone perhaps died.

“So I got to the changeroom and everything is dark, there’s a man sitting there, there’s a bath there, there’s like those steel tubs you put your beers in, everyone was in the change room.


Jordaan continued to take us into the scene where he laid eyes on the muti man and paid full attention with his two ears.

“So the Nyanga starts talking, ‘Wara wara wara!’ Then he says, ‘When you guys were training yesterday there were those pigeons’.

“So he carries on and he smiles and he carries on doing his inyanga stuff, and the next thing he says ‘Those pigeons they were sent from Pirates.

“They were sent here to come and spy on you and to come cause injuries. So you need to bath now, take off your clothes.’

“I was the first one to go in I think, and then he said ‘You guys are going to win the game on Friday night’.

“We went to camp on a Thursday night and we ended up winning that game 4-1.

“I will never forget that seriously I will never ever forget that. Muti worked in that game.

“As Pirates didn’t see anything in that game hey,” –

former Orlando Pirates opponent Hilton Jordaan.

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