Kaizer Chiefs court judge

Former Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates player Ratha Mokgoatlheng. Images: Kaizer Chiefs website

A court judge after football: Ex-Kaizer Chiefs player 

Kaizer Chiefs supporters and his teammates knew him as Ratha Ratha Mokgoatlheng. South African law calls him Judge Mokgoatlheng.

Kaizer Chiefs court judge

Former Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates player Ratha Mokgoatlheng. Images: Kaizer Chiefs website

Way back in the early days of Kaizer Chiefs, there was a co-founding player named Ratha Mokgoatlheng. Where is he now? You can find him inside Gauteng courtrooms as a seasoned judge.


According to IOL, Mokgoatlheng was born in Alexandra township in Johannesburg; his football career blossomed after he moved to Diepkloof in Soweto.

According to Amakhosi archives, Mokgoatlheng, who famously played wearing spectacles and was known as “Jimmy Greaves”, began his top-level career in the colours of Orlando Pirates. He was later booted out, along with Kaizer Motaung. The duo soon formed Kaizer Chiefs in 1970.

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In 1976, Mokgoatlheng was admitted as an attorney at the University of Fort Hare in Alice, Eastern Cape. After 35 years as a lawyer, the former Kaizer Chiefs star became a full-time judge in 2007.


While we are on law and former Kaizer Chiefs players, Ntsie Maphike recently obtained an LLB degree.

Our fathers and uncles know him better. Maphike’s Amakhosi career spanned between the 1980s and 1990s. The player known as “Teargas” later called time on his playing career before he achieved academic excellence. As a Kaizer Chiefs employee, the club confirmed that Maphike recently obtained an LLB degree through UNISA.

“As the academic school year for 2024 started on Wednesday in South Africa, Kaizer Chiefs legend Ntsie Maphike received the good news that he had obtained his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA),” the club announced in January.

“His determination and hard work, which along with his intelligence and exceptional technique epitomized him as a player in the 1980s and ‘90s for Amakhosi, has paid off handsomely.”

Kaizer Chiefs added to say: ”Maphike’s successful completion of his legal studies at the age of 58 is not only a tremendous personal achievement, it also sets a shining example of perseverance and lifelong learning, which sets an admirable example to other players.”


The club also confirmed that Maphike has three additional academic qualifications: a senior teacher diploma from the Soweto College of Education, a Bachelor of Arts Honours (BA Hon) in history and linguistics, as well as a master’s diploma in education.

The former Kaizer Chiefs number three revealed that he was inspired to make the club chairman, Kaizer Motuang, proud.

“The Chairman told me that his parents wanted him to be a lawyer, but he could not finish as football took over when he went to play for Orlando Pirates before moving to Atlanta Chiefs in the United States and then returning to form Kaizer Chiefs. I told myself that I’d make sure I achieved this dream to make him proud,” Maphike said.

Maphike, who is an education officer at the role, confirmed that he is an educational role model for the youth at Naturena.

“I always tell the young guys we work with in our Kaizer Chiefs Youth Development Academy to work hard and make sure they have something to fall back on after football because we know that it is a very short career,” Maphike concluded.