Nigeria blessing

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Watch: Nigeria fan goes viral following her pre-match blessing ritual [video]

Well it worked, didn’t it?

Nigeria blessing

Twitter screenshot

What else could possibly explain that dramatic turn around in form? Nigeria made light work of a tough Iceland side, brushing them aside with a stunning 2-0 victory.

A video of a Nigerian mama blessing the players via her television set has got social media abuzz. Her pre-match routine has left many of us in stitches. But maybe – just maybe – this is what football fans across the continent have needed?

Nigeria fire on all cylinders

Let’s look at the facts, shall we? Nigeria were significantly better on Friday than they were last weekend against Croatia, where they lost 2-0.

Ahmed Musa channelled the spirit of a young Pele to rifle in his first two goals of the tournament, tearing apart the Icelandic defence like a sheet of A4 paper.

Furthermore, Iceland even went on to miss a late penalty. Gylfi Sigurdsson – a man who cost Everton over R500 million last winter – blazed his spot-kick over the bar with just seven minutes remaining.

The iceman simply doesn’t miss chances like that. So why today? Well, it should be obvious…

Watch Nigerian fan bless her team here:

There’s only one real way to summarise this…


The best of World Cup fans

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The World Cup is only the giant spectacle that it is because of the incredible fans who follow the game.

Earlier this week, we applauded the Senegalese following in Moscow who celebrated their 2-1 victory over Poland with great dignity and consideration. After sinking a few beers, they stay behind to help stadium officials clear up the mess.

If that was an act of human decency, then the Colombian fans should be praised for their ingenuity. A video of their supporters smuggling vodka into a stadium – via a pair of binoculars – has given us all inspiration for the next game we attend.