World Cup

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter (left) with ex-South African president Jacob Zuma in 2010. Photo: BackpagePix

Ex-FIFA president casts doubt over any future World Cup in Africa

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter has suggested Africa is not viewed favourably when it comes to the prospects of hosting another World Cup.

World Cup

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter (left) with ex-South African president Jacob Zuma in 2010. Photo: BackpagePix

Back in 2010, South Africa hosted one of the most iconic FIFA World Cup events of all time, with the spirit and passion of the host nation making for a unique and unforgettable event.


Blatter has been implicated in numerous allegations around corruption related to the football governing body since leaving his post, while he has also accused current FIFA president Gianni Infantinoof of trying to destroy his legacy.

Blatter is now 86 years old, and when speaking on Marawa Sports Worldwide (MSW) on Wednesday, he showered praise on the South Africa Soccer World Cup in 2010, but suggested Africa wouldn’t soon see the tournament return to the continent.

“I have to say it [South Africa 2010] was done with a big heart and everybody was happy. Still when I am travelling somewhere and meeting representatives of Africa, they still thank me for what I have done for Africa,” Blatter said, as quoted by TimesLive.

“I am touched by that but unfortunately there will be no World Cup in Africa, at least during the term of my life. There was a good chance with Morocco but now with 48 teams at the World Cup you need more than one country to organise the tournament.

“I don’t believe in the idea of the Fifa president that he thinks towards Africa — the movements taking place in football or club football are towards Asia and the Arab countries.

“They have realised football is a wonderful sport and now Saudi Arabia will be a candidate for 2030. The whole of Europe should never forget what I have done for Africa with the colonies and it is time to give back with the World Cup.”



1930 – Uruguay (beat Argentina 4-2)

1934 – Italy (beat Czechoslovakia 2-1 a.e.t)

1938 – Italy (beat Hungary 4-2)

1942 – No tournament

1946 – No tournament

1950 – Uruguay (No final)

1954 – West Germany (beat Hungary 3-2)

1958 – Brazil (beat Sweden 5-2)

1962 – Brazil (beat Czechoslovakia 3-1)

1966 – England (beat West Germany 4-2 a.e.t)

1970 – Brazil (beat Italy 4-1)

1974 – West Germany (beat Netherlands 2-1)

1978 – Argentina (beat Netherlands 3-1 a.e.t)

1982 – Italy (beat West Germany 3-1)

1986 – Argentina (beat West Germany 3-2)

1990 – West Germany (beat Argentina 1-0)

1994 – Brazil (beat Italy 3-2 on penalties after 0-0 a.e.t)

1998 – France (beat Brazil 3-0)

2002 – Brazil (beat Germany 2-0)

2006 – Italy (beat France 5-3 on penalties after 1-1 a.e.t)

2010 – Spain (beat Netherlands 1-0 a.e.t)

2014 – Germany (beat Argentina 1-0)

2018 – France (beat Croatia 4-2)

2022 – Argentina (beat France 4-2 on penalties after 3-3 a.e.t)


Brazil – 5

Germany, Italy – 4

Argentina – 3

France, Uruguay – 2

England, Spain – 1

FIFA World Cup 2022

A look back at the previous 21 winners of the FIFA World Cup dating back to 1930. Who will add their name to the list in 2022? Photo: MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP.